Jane Russell Measurements

Jane Russell Measurements
Jane Russell Measurements – Made Her A Hollywood Star

Hollywood stars that promoted natural beauty, sexy and volutptuous. Jane Russell measurements got the attention of everyone thanks to her hot body and the simple fact that she was different from majority of Hollywood ladies these days, that were less voluptuous, so to speak.

Jane Russell had the curves and wasn’t shy about them. She wore sexy tight outfits and simply shone with sexiness.

Jane Russell weight was somewhat larger than other, slimmer stars these days, who had less feminine body. However, Jane had perfect hour-glass figure, with large bust, slim waist and wide hips-and she knew how to dress these sexy curves of hers. All photos of Jane Russell show us sexy and glamurous outfits, long dresses with deep cleavage that gives us a glimpse at her perfect, natural breasts.

Jane Russell dress size would be 4 in todays sizes, and the majority of her colleagues wore smaller sizes. However, she had perfect fashion style, and chose elegant and demure outfits for her red carpet outings, always looking beautiful and charming. With her perfect body, we are sure that she would look amazing in a ragg! Jane Russel height was average-with 5’7″ she wasn’t a tall woman, but was taller then some other Hollywood stars, such as Marilyn Monroe who was shorter than Jane.

Jane Russell was a voluptuous and sexy woman, and always promoted natural look. She used to say that skinny women are no women at all, and that natural beauty was the best. She loved her curves and this was always evident, from her wardrobe choices. We can see photos of Jane not only in elegant evening dresses, but also in casual jeans and skirts, however, she is always in oufit that underlines her sexy curves. Jane always knew to draw attention to her best assets.

Jane Russell Was Voluptuous And She Knew It

Jane Russell was a model for a line of bras for larger women, and she did it willingly, and not primarily for the money. She wanted to show her support to fuller women, women with curves, as she was one of them-and she wasn’t shy about it. There was nothing bad about being curvy woman, quite on contrary-and she wanted to make this clear by being a model for this product line.

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Jane Russell Career And Life In Hollywood

Jane Russell Photos Unlike Marilyn Monroe, who also portrayed sexy and curvy woman, but who didn’t live happy life and died quite young-Jane Russell lived long and stayed present in Hollywood for long time. She died when she was 89 years old, after an active life spend in acting and also in other activities she held dear, such as charity causes. Jane Russell was very active woman throughout her life, always finding something to keep her active. There was no big controversy in her life, unlike in Marilyn’s. Although Jane and Marilyn had some things in common-sexy curves and ability to use personal charm for popularity- there were obviously things that made them look completely opposite. Marilyn died young and unhappy, and Jane died in comfort of her home, surround by close family and friends. She was loved by many and for different reasons, not just for her allure on big screen. Jane Russell was a big Hollywood star, charming and sexy, elegant and demure, a perfect representative of old Hollywood class. Do you think that it would have been better if this old class is present even these days? We think that certain elements of “old days” class and style would certainly do good to today’s Hollywood.

Jane Russell Body Statistics :

  • Jane Russell Measurements.Bra size : 34 D
  • Height : 5’7″ (170 cm)
  • Weight : 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • Shoe Size : 8
  • Dress size : 4
  • Hair Color : brunette
  • Eye Color : brown

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