Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery

Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery Before And After
Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery – Is In The Opposite Direction

After Dina Manzo, now Jacqueline Laurita is following her path to have breast reduction. It is clearly indicating that the breast enlargement rises an issue for her health that she needs to cut it lose! Jacqueline is nothing like the Real Housewives she is playing in New Jersey. She underwent the breast reduction after she gave birth to son just last year.

The reduction is because she feels it’s too heavy for her back to support. She openly admitted that she focuses on weight lost after she gave birth.

Jacqueline Laurita Before And After Plastic Surgery

Jacqueline got herself tummy tuck and neck lift.Jacqueline Laurita Photos It is a unique combination that most celebrities don’t do when they go under the knife. But Jacqueline is very open about her process of getting the perfect shape. She shared how she decided to go with plastic surgery to eliminate excessive fat on her belly. It’s important to have routine workout but if that seems to be very slow in progress, you need to think of other instant ways like cosmetic procedure. Tummy tuck has been going on for so long in Hollywood and actress like Tara Reid did that to get her bikini body.

Jacqueline Laurita Photos If you take a look closer of her body, you will see that she has that perfect body but when you see her barenaked, you will realize that there is a scar on her tummy that indicates she has tummy tuck. But after some time, Jackqueline felt bad that she goes with the plastic surgery because she thinks that the best thing in life is to age naturally. She began to honestly think that her life would be different if she just let it flow without having artificial thing on her body.

Her photo is quite astonishing. She went through the plastic surgery and the first time she injected botox she gets addicted to it. She even spreaded the news on Twitter and she did it on her forehead right before she filmed RHONJ first season. Other than botox on her forehead, she apparently did something worse like Neck Lift, breasts implants, fillers and God knows what? You can really judge her artificial look and body with a single glance because it’s not liek a real thing. Even her daughter is following her path to have the cosmetic procedure for enhancement.

Jacqueline Laurita Photos But we should appreciate Laurita for being an honest person and talks openly about her boob job and botox. Unlike her, celebrities like Ivanka Trump or Geena Davis don’t really open fairly enough about their cosmetic procedure. Although in Hollywood, these things get pretty common, but they seem to draw back when the press confront the issue. They want to clarify of the rumors are not true. If you want to see her transformation, you can find the pictures of her before and after and compare it. What do you think of her new look and how do you think it affects her career in the Tv industry?

Jacqueline found herself with lots of regrets that there were so many instances she did to herself. She neglected her son and husband and her husband was a bit depressed by his role of working and taking care of the kids when she was away. Jacqueline even cried in tears when she was being interviewed because of the mess she had made for her and her family. She has family problem that she has not been able to fix and those things are not just crazy things she experiences in her life. Her daughter even fears the worst due to her mother’s excessive obsession towards plastic surgery. But like she used to, Jacqueline made excuses that she has become a mess lately that’s why she does it.

Jacqueline Laurita MeasurementsCeleb Body Statistics :

• Bra size : 34 B

• Height : 5’2” (158 cm)

• Weight : 120 lbs (54 kg)

• Shoe Size : 7

• Dress size : 6

• Hair Color : brown

• Eye Color : hazel