Jackie Chan Net Worth

Jackie Chan Net Worth
How much is Jackie Chan worth:

  • Full Name: Chan Kwong Sang
  • Net Worth: $140 Million
  • Occupation: actor, stuntman, producer
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: Hong Kong

Jackie Chan Net Worth – Chinese Actor Rose From Powerty To Fortune And Good Life

Jackie Chan Is Popular And Talented Chinese Actor

Jackie Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong, and although he started working in entertainment industry in Hong Kong, he wasn’t known worldwide until he took role in Rush Hour franchise that got him big part of Jackie Chan net worth and fame. So, if you wonder  how much is Jackie Chan worth we can confirm that it is $140 million and counting, primarily thanks to Rush Hour. However, Jackie Chan has acted in more than 100 movies so far, gave his voice to animated characters, produced and directed some movies and did stunts for many other actors. Jackie is famous for doing his own stunts almost all the time. It is no wonder when one takes in account that he is martial arts expert, which he used in all of his roles, just as his famous predecesor, Bruce Lee.

Jackie Chan PicturesJackie Chan is interesting to us because he is not only great actor and choreographer and stuntman, but also knows how to improvise and make people laugh. Majority of his movies are comedies that involve largely his fighting skills, and this combination  created unforgettable movies and made Jackie incredibly popular movie star, first all over Asia and then across the world.

Jackie Chan is married to actress Lin Feng-Chiao and has a son with her. They live in a beautiful mansion in Hong Kong, but Jackie also owns property in Beverly Hills, where he and his family reside when he is making movies in Hollywood or attending Hollywood red carpet events.

Jackie Chan Is A Great Donator To Several Charities

Jackie Chan Photos Jackie Chan knows how to make and how to spend money, but he never forgets his difficult childhood, when he didn’t have much and had to work hard to achieve his breakthrough. Jackie is involved in work of several charities, primarily those that work with children in need, but also to those that support conservation and planet preservation, animal healing, poor students and seniors in need. He has founded his own charity foundation, Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation that helps poor youth and students in Hong Kong to get necessary financial help for schooling.

Jackie Chan Is Successful Businessman

Jackie Chan PhotosJackie Chan said that he will donate majority of his financial assets to charities after his death, but until that moment comes, he is busy stacking on his wealth. He is busy with new movie projects, but he also invests in other branches of industry. He established his own producing company and modeling agency. Additionally, he invests in real estates in native Hong Kong. He travels around the world in his own airplane, Legacy 650 that has all the luxury and space to accommodate Jackie and his closest associates and take them wherever is necessary.

Jackie’s talents have been developed while he attended art school during his childhood and teen years, but it is evident that he worked hard to achieve today’s success. Jackie is such an amazing actor because not so many of actors is able to make us laugh, and also, not so many does their own stunts. In Jackie’s movies, end track is particularly interesting and funny because it usually presents unsuccessful shooting of some scenes, usually those that involve some choreography and stunt tricks. Do you like Jackie’s movies, which one do you think is his best movie? Please feel free to share.

Jackie is just one of actors who have succeeded after years of hard work and dedication. His good friend Sylvester Stallone and Jack Nicholson are good examples of hard work and dedication to one goal: success in entertainment industry. They have been in movie industry since they were young men, and worked a lot to achieve today’s fame and glory.

Jackie Chan Body Statistics:

  • Jackie Chan Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 5′ 8”
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 10
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown