Ja Rule Net Worth

Ja Rule Net Worth
How much is Ja Rule worth:

  • Full Name: Jeffrey Atkins
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, rapper, occasional actor
  • Marital Status: Married to Aisha Murray
  • Ethnicity: Black

Ja Rule Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: Not available
  • Height: 5’6.25” or 168cm
  • Weight: 66kg or 145 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Hair Color: Black but dyed brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown

Ja Rule Net Worth – How Rich Is The Hip Hop Artist?

Ja Rule net worth is said to be $5 million. He has become popular and wealthy for his achievements as an American rapper, singer and part time actor. Best known for his hit song “Holla Holla”, he rose to fame, for the very first time in the 1990s. He has also released other groundbreaking singles among them “Always on Time”(featuring Ashanti),  “Wonderful” featuring R Kelly, “I’m Real” with Jennifer Lopez and “Between Me and You”, which featured Christina Milian.  He has sold several records across the globe and in 2001, he was named as one of the best selling hip hop artists. With such as a record, one would wonder why his net worth stands low. Let’s find out together.

Ja Rule’s Early Life

Ja Rule Pictures Ja Rule was born as Jeffrey Atkins in New York.  Unfortunately, his early life was not a walk in the park. His father walked out on the family, when he was still very young. This meant that both him and his sister were to be raised by their single mother, Debra Atkins. Their grandparents, who were strong believers of Jehovah Witnesses faith, also played a great role in the raising up of the two kids. However, when Ja Rule was just five years old, the sister gave in to breathing complications.This unfortunate incidence left him as the only kid.

Jeffrey went to school in Public School 134. But, his mother was forced to  transfer him from the school, on accounts of having conflicts with his fellow classmates. The problem is said to have stemmed from the bullying he received from his peers, who were also African –American. He had a small and short physique, which made him the cause of laughter for other boys, who were endowed with height and stature.

His Accomplishments

Ja Rule Photos How much is Ja Rule net worth? Actually, his music career started in the 1990s when he started performing with the Cash Money Click. In 1995, he featured in the song “ Time to Build”, produced by Mic Geronimo. In the track, he rapped with the likes of Jay-Z and DMX. Thıs may not have done anything big to his net worth, but it did prepare him for his future ventures. That’s why, three years later he crunched a deal with a successful label Def Jam. His debut album was Venni Vetti Vecci, which was launched in 1999. It was a success and it sold about 180000 copies. It also topped the Billboard Charts 200.  What more, the album got the most coveted certification, a platinum from RIAA, which too contributed a large sum to his net worth.

His second album hit the stores in 2000 and it was titled Rule 3.36. This was even more popular than his first. On the U.S Billboard 200, it became position one and sold about 300 thousand copies worldwide in the first week. While all his  five other albums and works have given him financial success, none has earned more money and popularity than his second album.

Duringe his life he has won many accolades including GQ Men of the Year Award, NAACP Image Award, World Music Award, BET Award, Teen Choice Award and MTV Video Music Award. He has also had the opportunity of being selected four times for Grammy Awards.

Why İs Ja Rules Net Worth Way Below Expectations?  

It is obvious that after reading the account above, you wonder why his net worth has not hit hundreds of millions yet. Although Ja Rule has been known to have a thing for the finer things in life, that is not the only thing, which have placed him into the financial position, he is today. On the contrary, his financial problems arose when he started encountering legal charges. In fact, he has faced a couple of freedom restrictions and even a two-year jail term for having a gum. All these have influenced his professional life, negatively. Furthermore, he also owes the federal government, after defaulting to honor tax payments.

Besides his financial woes, though $5 million is still a lot of money, Ja Rule does have a family. He is married to his high school sweetheart Aisha Murray.  The couple has two sons and a daughter.

With that, you do understand why Ja Rule net worth is estimated to be $5 million. All the same, it does not mean that it is reluctant to change. We only hope that the rapper, continues to produce and perform more and most importantly stay away from the courtrooms.