Hank Baskett Net Worth

Hank Baskett Net Worth
How much is
Hank Baskett worth :

  • Full Name: Hank Baskett
  • Net Worth: $6.5 Million
  • Occupation: Football Player
  • Marital Status: Married (Kendra Wilkinson)
  • Ethnicity: Mexican

Hank Baskett Net Worth – How Rich Is The Famous American Footballer

Hank Baskett is well known across the US as a football player. His name is highly rated in the NFL. As at the moment, Hank Baskett net worth is estimated to be $6.5 million. The great American footballer has succeeded in carving a niche for himself in the NFL. He remains one of the richest celebrities the American nation has ever produced.

Hank Baskett’ Source of Wealth

The round leather game is the major source of Hank Baskett’s wealth. So far, he has made millions from his career in the NFL. He got involved in several endorsements and NFL deals that yielded millions of dollars. He also played for Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts. He equally played for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He made millions of dollars from his involvement in all the teams. All of these facts contribute to his ever-increasing net worth.

Life and Career Pursuit

Hank Baskett PicturesHank Baskett’s football career in the NFL started when he signed a deal with the Minnesota Vikings. Later on, he was traded for the Philadelphia Eagles. His net worth skyrocketed in each move. He also played for Indianapolis Colts when he was contracted in 2009. He received salaries running into millions on a yearly basis. His net worth kept rising from one level to the other.

Actually, Hank Baskett hails from New Mexico. He was born into a family of career men and women. His father worked with the US Air Force.  While in school, Hank showed great interest in sports. He played basketball and football. He was well known for winning laurels for his school during sporting events.



While in the University of Mexico, Hank Baskett also scaled high in sport. He played for the college football team and earned several awards.  When he graduated from the university, he got a contract to play for Minnesota Vikings. This marked the beginning of his exploits in the NFL. From this team, he moved to the Philadelphia Eagles having been traded for millions of dollars. Later on in 2009, he moved to Indianapolis Colts.  After being with this club for over a year, he returned back to the Eagles and continued his career. Later on again, he found himself back with the Vikings. His net worth kept rising from each move he made.

Hank Baskett Assets and Personal Life

Just like George W. BushFlavor Flav and many other celebrities, Hank Baskett made his millions. He amassed wealth in grand style. He also has assets worth millions of dollars. Hank Baskett’s house in Calabasas, CA is reputed to worth millions of dollars. The great American football also has several cars.Hank Baskett Photos

When it comes to personal life, Hank Baskett  has a nice story to tell. Somewhere along the line, his girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson showed up. She was a model and a TV personality. Both love birds agreed and got married.

In all, Hank Baskett net  worth is still on the increase so long as the famous Footballer  is not retiring yet. The future holds a lot in stock for him.