Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before And After
Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – Breast And Nose Job

Halle Berry is known as American actress with box office movies. The woman who plays Storm in X Men seems to be pretty serious about getting in shape since she needs to wear that tight latex suit. Apart from working out relentlessly, Halle Berry undertook plastic surgery to enhance her look. The rumors may still be running because the media covered it. But Halle Berry denied that she had any cosmetic surgery even though her before and after photos show her did.

Halle Berry Before And After Plastic Surgery

Halle Berry picturesLike Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry’s plastic surgery’s signs can be seen on her facial texture. The evidence shows that her nose is pointier today than before. Halle berry nose job makes her nose bridge look smaller. With the change of her nose, so does her career. The American beauty won herself an Academy Award and a fashion trend setter whose face covers hundreds of magazine from look to health theme.

In her 40s, Halle Berry looks flawless and attractive, physically. She is able to pull out sexy body and tight muscles without being too bulky. Her personal life consists of acting career and a balanced diet to maintain her beauty. But her natural beauty does not seem to stop the press from writing the rumors of her nose and boob job. She strongly denied them however. The photo before she had a nose job showed significant change.

Halle Berry plastic surgery before and after also shows a nice curvy and full bust breast of D cup. Halle Berry stated that she is scared of plastic surgery because when it goes wrong, nothing can be fixed. This is why she hopes to age well and natural without the help of knives. Even though she insisted to say never taking any cosmetic surgery, the fact that her pictures show a slightly different bust size could really be an evident that she did it.

Halle Berry photosThe upgrade can be compared on her before and after photos. Many experts extremely believe that the noticeable change enhance her structure and posture. Her breast implants provide her with better shape indeed. Halle Berry also shows sign of facelifts because it seems to have no wrinkles at all. It’s not clear though because her face shows natural glow and vibrant look without any sign of injection of botox or fillers. Could it be injections result or not?

After succeeding with her breast implant, she began to do nose job because it has totally transformed her look. The nose job is important to any of Hollywood celebs as it completely transform a person’s look – into a more beautiful or beast. For Halle Berry’s case, she has become a younger looking woman at her 40s. Many fans believe that she has done nose and lip job because now, her lips look thinner. Before she had the enhancement, her lips look full and thick plus her nose is not so attractive and a bit wider than today’s. Now, her nose is slim because it reduces the bridge and making the tip pointy.

Halle Berry Photos Although she denied the allegation, but she did mention that she may be maintaining her beauty until she needs a surgery. As a public figure, Halle Berry is a successful actress and mom and role model. Her edgy style has always been an inspiration to mature woman because she is able to pull off great flawless look and short haircut that becomes her trademark.
But still, the public demands the truth. Do you think that Halle Berry has done plastic surgery or do you think it’s her way to maintain natural beauty with continuous workout and healthy diet? Halle Berry hopes to age without trying the knife and let’s see how she manage to keep that up!

Goldie Hawn is almost seventy years old, but she really looks fantastic, and if the reason for that are some procedures than Goldie Hawn plastic surgery procedures were very successful.

Halle Berry MeasurementsHalle Berry Body Statistics :

*Height : 5’6″ (168 cm)

*Weight : 119 pounds (54 kg)

*Bra Size : 36 D

*Dress Size : 6

*Shoe Size : 7

*Hair Color : Dark brown