George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas Net Worth
How much is George Lucas worth:

  • Full Name: George Lucas
  • Net Worth: $5.1 Billion
  • Occupation: Film producer, director, screenwriter, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Married to Mellody Hobson
  • Ethnicity: White

George Lucas Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: Not available
  • Height: 5’7” or 170cm
  • Weight: 126 pounds or 57kg
  • Shoe Size: Not known
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Eye Color: Brown

George Lucas Net Worth – How Rich Is The Star Wars Producer?

George Lucas net worth amounts to $5.1 billion, an estimate given by Forbes  by April 2015. He is a great businessperson, who has given rise to a number of successful businesses among them Industrial Light and Magic as well as Star Wars franchise. His six films have garnered him $4.3 billion globally acts the box office.  On the other hand, Toys, video games, and another merchandise has earned him a gross figure of $20 billion. For a man his age, he has made a legacy enough to sustain his kids and grandchildren. If you wonder how Lucas, have made it this far, you ought to learn about his successes and his life.

His Rise To Wealth And Fame

George Lucas Pictures If you thought that George Lucas was born and raised in a cotton wool, you are wrong. On the contrary, he has had to fight the odds to get where he is today. It was not an easy ride from the time he was young, but he has made altogether.  The billionaire was born in California, Modesto city and brought up in the same place. Like other boys at his age then, he had dreams for the future, but his main goal was to become a race driver. While his classmates said they wanted to become doctors, lawyers and teachers, you know the universally accepted careers; he wanted so badly to be in race driving. But, did he succeed? Let us, find out together.

Before he could even enjoy his dream career, George got into an accident. It was a serious car crash, but he came out triumphantly. After he was back in shape, the accident had made him to rethink his urge of becoming a race driver. All the same, Lucas cannot regret the incidence since he could not have made as much money as he has in race driving. While it would have caused his early demise, it was for the best. Today, he has a whopping net worth of over a billion, all thanks to the accident.

After this turn of events, he started getting interested in the film industry. To nurture his skills in film production, he went to study at the University of Southern California. Here he met Steven Spielberg another successful filmmaker and they became great friends. Even as a student, George’s creativity skills were notable, which won him a number of accolades among them the Warner Brothers Scholarship.

George Lucas Photos His debut full-length movie was THX 1138, released to the public in 1971. However, it did not acquire many positive reviews.  But, it did prepare the path for George’s future films. Later on, he earned so many appraisals, after the release of his film “American Graffiti”. The movie was nominated for five Academy Awards and earned him a total of $115 million from America alone. Nevertheless, this was a just some peanuts compared with the amount Lucas pocketed from Stars Wars franchise. The gross collections of all the six movies in Stars Wars reached over $5 billion dollars. Although this money was not his alone, it is a major contributor to his net worth, no wonder his tag “the living legend of Hollywood”.

How much is George Lucas worth? While most of his wealth is thought to have come from Stars Wars, it is far from that. Actually, the deal he signed with Disney, to sell his Lucasfilm Company for $4.1 billion, really uplifted the net worth of George Lucas. This is because he was its sole founder, chair, and the owner, meaning the entire amount landed into his pocket. He still has a level of influence on his former firm, since he does have a large stake in Disney.

His Private Life

George Lucas Photos After his marriage with Marcia, did not go well, they had to separate. By the time this happened, they had adopted his first daughter Amanda Lucas. George decided to adopt two more Kattie and Jett, whom he brought up as a single father. Everybody thought that Lucas was off the dating soon, until recently when he married Mellody Hobson. They even got a daughter Everest Hobson Lucas, through a surrogate mother. She is his first biological child.

The couple got married in a private affair held in George Lucas house in Skywalker Ranch, Marin in California, which involved 200 assorted guests among them Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford and Quincy Jones among other dignitaries. George Lucas wife is the president of Ariel Investments. This is quite a combination.

George Lucas net worth is that much and it is expected to continue rising. He has enough investments to sustain an upward growth.