George Clooney Net Worth

George Clooney Net Worth
How much is George Clooney worth:

  • Full Name: George Timothy Clooney
  • Net Worth: $180 Million
  • Occupation: actor, producer, screen writer, director
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: American

George Clooney Net Worth – The Hot Hunk And His Fortune

George Clooney Pictures George Clooney net worth is estimated of $180 million. This rich guy has just tying the knot to a beautiful lady, Amal Amaludin. Remarkably talented and smart, George Clooney has been playing biggest earning movies from Batman to Ocean Eleven. Somehow, he has the intuition to find which movie is going to be a big hit. Or, is it just him, who makes the movie a big hit?

His fame began to rise after playing a role in Ocean Eleven with his fellow actors. He then received positive critics and landed on several endorsement of brands and commercials. He has won Academy Award and Golden Globe for his act in various movies. He looks like the ladies man, don’t you think? After all of this years, people questioning his commitment to one woman. Now he is answering them.

George Clooney And His Picky Attitude Towards The Projects

George Clooney Photos Despite the talk about George Clooney wife, he is a skillful actor with picky attitude. Solely, he often choose to play in movies that were not mainstream and somehow could explore his talent more. You can see that he didn’t appear a lot in one year but once he did, he nailed it. if you are asking how much is George Clooney worth you should really be noticing how often people make him exclusive guess, cover, and also actor.

With $180 million in his asset, that’s enough to tame every woman in town. Who doesn’t know him and who doesn’t want him?  Talking about George Clooney girlfriend, he has been seeing many girls before meeting Amal Amaludin. From models to actresses, George is seen as a player who can’t commit to one girl.

On the screen, George is often portrayed as a strong will man. Now he is expanding his career as a producer and director. It plays a great part in adding up his fortune. Director seat is always the most alluring hot seat for any actor. Once they succeed in directing, money comes flowing.

Being an actor is always his favorite so far. His career role has made him rich. Not to mention, his fame was gotten from those roles. His movies are always promising in term of storyline and high grossing.

Talking About His Lovely Wife, Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney Photos George Clooney and his wife will have more fortune after they got married. Amal Alamuddin is a smart lady who is also a legal advisor of King of Bahrain. Their wedding party was held in a castile of 14th century that worth 3200 per night. it was a small party with family and friends – held in private. Alamuddin family is also a rich family as her brother owns a hotel, Cipriani. Amal Alamuddin has a net worth $2 million. That should be a good amount of a beautiful advisor. The couple shelled out great amount of money for their wedding in Italy and also the party in Venice.

George Clooney And His Debut In Movie Industry

George Clooney Body Statistics MeasurementsGeorge Clooney net worth can be predicted since his first appearance on big screen. Starting in 1996, he starred along side Harvey Keitel and then he also appeared in box office movie Ocean’s twelve, Argo, Good night and Good luck. George Clooney is often compared to Brad Pitt. Both are also actors and both are expanding their career path behind the scene. Also, both are settling down with their wives.

What do you think about George Clooney career? Do you think he will have another movie for the next year? What do you think about him compared to Brad Pitt, as an actor and a family man?