Flavor Flav Net Worth

Flavor Flav Net Worth
How much is
Flavor Flav worth :

  • Full Name: William Jonathan Drayton (Flavor Flav)
  • Net Worth: $9 Million
  • Occupation: Musician, Actor, Rapper, Tv Personality, Composer, Television Producer, Voice Actor
  • Marital Status: Engaged (Elizabeth Trujillo)
  • Ethnicity: United States

Flavor Flav Net Worth – How the Famous Rapper and Actor made His Millions

His real name is William Jonathan Drayton, but he’s widely known as “Flavor Flav” in the American Entertainment industry. He remains a foremost TV personality with a difference. He’s also one of the best musicians that are causing waves across the US. As at the moment, Flavor Flav net worth is estimated to be $9 million. The great musician didn’t arrive at this level overnight. He really worked very hard to make his millions.

Flavor Flav’s Source of Income

Flavor Flav is multi-talented. The yearly increase in his net worth is as a result of his expertise in various fields. He’s a well-known musician and rapper. He has released several albums that have sold millions of copies. He has made millions as a musician. He’s also an actor and voice actor. He has made quite a huge cash from his acting career. He’s also a famous TV personality and producer. He’s equally a composer. All of these contribute to his ever-increasing net worth.

Life And Career Pursuit

Flavor Flav PicturesFlavor Flav has actually made it to the top in the American Entertainment industry. He’s well known as a member of a hip-hop band tagged “Public Enemy”.  The band has been doing great in rendering all manner of hip-hop albums.

As a kid, Flavor had a great interest in music. He played the piano at age 5. He also sang in his local church choir. As time went on, he mastered how to play several musical instruments. This further boosted his interest in the music world.

When it comes to school matters, Flavor lagged behind. In fact, he dropped out of high school at some point and looked for a job to do. He later landed a job as a cook in a restaurant.

In any case, his greatness in the American music industry started in 1982 when he co-founded the Public Enemy band. The band focused on criticizing issues related to African-American communities. Through the band, Flavor came up with a single hit captioned “Public Enemy #1”. This singular hit drew the attention of the public. It sold millions of copies and equally made Flavor popular.Flavor Flav Photos

Later on, the band released it’s very first album titled “Yo! Bum Rush”. Flavor also went ahead to release many other albums that sold millions of copies across the US. His net worth skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, Flavor Flav had issues relating to drug abuse and other related crime. He was jailed but later released.

Flavor Flav Personal Life And Assets

Just like Eli Manning, David Foster, and other celebrities, Flavor Flav made his millions and acquired great assets. However, things went sour when he was involved in drug abuse and other crimes. He spent a jail term and was later released. He tried dealing with the issue of drug abuse through a rehab center.   He later got broke in 2000 and lived in a tiny apartment with one of his girlfriends.

When it comes to personal life, Flavor Flav is said to be engaged to Elizabeth Trujillo. He has had several other relationships that resulted in the birth of about 7 babies.

In any case, the future is still on the side of the famous rapper. Flavor Flav net worth is sure to increase as the musician is not yet retiring.