Fergie Plastic Surgery

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before And After
Fergie Plastic Surgery – Makes Her Even Hotter Than She Was Before

Fergie plastic surgery is famous among all. She became popular with group Black Eyed Peas back at the beginning of 2000s, and has ever since rose to fame both with the group and solo. Along the way, she has married sexy actor Josh Duhamel and became mother, as they got son last year. All along, Fergie remained looking fit and sexy, always showing of her perfect body in tight, form-fitting outfits. Her sexy look was one of the most important reason why the group even got noticed, so it was something that was obviously used all along the way-and it seems that Fergie doesn’t mind this, as she is obviously very confident about her look.

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before And After-How Much Did Pretty Star Change On Herself With Surgical Procedures?

Fergie Pictures When we look at this sexy celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos, we can conclude that she had several cosmetic interventions to get her current sweet and sexy look.

If we would to guess what surgical interventions Fergie had, we would say that it was:

  • boob job
  • nose job
  • lip fillers
  • botox injections

Fergie denied ever having any of these rumored surgeries. She was always very clear in stating that all she does is to eat healthy and exercise a lot. Fergie is known for her healthy lifestyle, lot of jogging and walking in the hills, biking and running with her sweet hubby. She was even very effective when it came to lose all the pregnancy weight, because she was out running as soon as one month after delivery. And merely two months later, she was already back to her pre-pregnancy look, and this is really stunning result. Now, all this doesn’t explain changes on her face we have noticed when looking at her face on some past and present photos.

Fergie Photos It is noticeable that on photos from 2004, Fergie’s face changed. This change is particularly evident on her nose, as it seems that her nose tip is smaller, and differently shaped, while nose bridge appears to look thinner than before.

Her cheeks appear fuller and rounder and this makes us believe that she has had cheek implants. Additionally, her lips appear to be fuller like Angelina Jolie’s, whose lips have so often  been subject of plastic surgery rumor. Do you think that two of them had lip fillers? Please feel free to share your opinion on weather either of these rumored plastic surgeries ever happened.

Fergie Photos Additionally, Fergie’s boobs appear larger and rounder. Maybe she decided to enlarge them because she lost weight due to dieting-and this usually show negatively on female boobs as well. In order to restore beautiful cleavage again, she went for classic Hollywood procedure: breast augmentation, in which she gain two cup sizes and her breasts look amazingly good now. Even pregnancy and breastfeeding didn’t change perfect look of her boobs.

When it comes to her fitness routine, it is evident that Fergie is very dedicated and that she doesn’t leave anything to lucky case. She doesn’t rely strictly on plastic surgery and easy solutions-she has always been ready to sweat for her great look, and this really shows. She looks perfect thanks to regular and demanding workout routine as well as healthy diet. Fergie was never the one to sit and relax, and choose plastic surgery to make her look good. She used her good genes and good predisposition to achieve the best results and she has definitely managed to do that.  She said once that she wasn’t happy with her look when she was teenager, and that she then decided to do everything in her power to look great. She definitely achieved her goal! It is hard to believe that she ever looked any less than perfect.

Fergie Body Statistics:

  • Fergie MeasurementsBra size : 34 B
  • Height : 5’2” (158 cm)
  • Weight : 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Shoe Size : 7
  • Dress size : 4
  • Hair Color : blonde
  • Eye Color : brown