Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before And After
Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery – Has Destroyed Her Appearance And Confident

Reason behind her so early decision of plastic surgery is to regain her image that she lost after having a baby girl in 2009. But in vein as she damaged her appearance rather improving it through a number of plastic procedures she experienced on different features of her face. It is said that either it is the news of her being pregnant at the age of sixteen or boobs augmentation, Farrah is always be the part of news for the wrong reasons. Firstly it was the nose job, then breast implants and chin surgery, public is anxious to know what next!

The possible surgeries Farrah has undergone are:

Detail Of Undergone Surgeries

Farrah Abraham Pictures She started her procedure of surgeries with nose. It was when she was doing the TV series, “16 and pregnant”, she planned to make her nose a little pointed and adds more beauty to her face. Then she turned to her enhance the charm of her breasts by altering its size to ‘C’. Next, chin was implanted for a positive change. Unfortunately, there occurred no positive change rather it added a worse look to the celeb and she rejected the chin implant. As chin implant did not satisfy Farrah so she decided to remove the implant soon after the procedure. Farrah’s boob augmentation also failed to satisfy her so she decided to visit the surgeon once again for more enlargement of the breast from size C to D. Now it was term of lips to be altered. She had plastic surgery for her lips too. So there are six surgeries in total and more are coming up.

Farrah Abraham Before And After The Surgery

Farrah Abraham Photos If the pictures of Farrah Abraham plastic surgery before and after are compared, we could see a big difference. In this connection, Farrah Abraham boob job was the worst procedure her surgeon did on her. Before the surgical intervention her boobs were small and round shaped which became very heavy and seemed to hanging out of her with no shape. The round shape of her boobs vanished and they become so shapeless rather looking bigger in size. She destroyed her looks with chin implant. She herself did not like the changed chin so she decided to regain the old shape. To regain the old chin she went under the knife of surgeon again. But of no use the old chin has long gone. Same is case with her tender lips that lost the beauty after the surgical intervention.

There is another celebrity Christina Hendricks who also used to change her bra size. Christina became popular due to her role in “Mad man” and come forward with her sexy appearance and beautiful curves.

Does Farrah Lose Her Self Confidence?

Farrah Abraham Photos There is a general view about Farah that she never satisfies with her looks and appearance. She remains under the obsession to alter her features and other body parts. Whenever she has a look of herself in the mirror, she starts planning for the next intervention. She lost her natural chin by processing it over and over. In start she looked confident about her chin but soon she planned to change it and to regain the previous one. This shows the lack of confidence in herself. Then she turned to breast implants and decided to enhance the bra size. After improving the size she again appeared to be dissatisfied and undergo for the breast augmentation once again. All these show her weak decision power and shaky mind. Farrah Abraham after plastic surgery changed herself but not in a good sense. No matter how early she has started the plastic procedures, it is obvious that she will not stop the interventions and keep her way on the same lines.

Farrah Abraham MeasurementsFarrah Abraham Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 36 _ 26 _ 32
  • Bra size : 36 C
  • Height : 5’6”
  • Weight : 57 kg
  • Eye color : dark brown
  • Hair color : dark brown
  • Shoe size : 9
  • Dress size : 2