Eminem Plastic Surgery

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before And After
Eminem Plastic Surgery – How His Face Changed For Better Or Worse

Eminem the famous rapper is known for his expertise in the hip-hop music. In the recent times, there are rumors going round about his involvement in plastic surgery.  As at the moment, Eminem plastic surgery remains a topic for gossip and debate among his fans. The emphasis is much on the noticeable changes seen on his face. There are clear indications proving he must have had series of facial plastic surgery cases.

The Current State Of Eminem Plastic Surgery

A critical look on Eminem’s face reveals he must have had facelift for a number of times. He’s not the only male celebrity that has been involved in facelift. Donnie Wahlberg also did it.  Eminem is looking boyish in his current facial appearances. His fans have continued to debate about this issue. Some of them believe he actually did a facelift. Others are yet to believe so.Eminem Pictures

Eminem’s Stand On The Matter

Just like Delta Burke, Eminem has never admitted going through a plastic surgery. He has remained mute about the issue. When confronted by the media, he had nothing to say about that. He keeps denying the obvious.

Despite his denial, most of his fans still believe he must have gone through plastic surgery process. Some people believe he must have had a Botox injection alongside facelift. This is very evident from his present looks.  The rapper is not getting younger. Age is no longer on his side, yet he’s looking very much younger than his age.

Counter Arguments Regarding Eminem Plastic Surgery

So far, Eminem has not admitted having a plastic surgery.  Although many of his fans believe he must have had series of cosmetic surgery; others have continued to differ in their opinions. They attribute Eminem’s youthful looks to the healthy lifestyle approach he has been following.  Some of his fans believe the rapper is on a good diet which has continued to make his flesh smooth.Eminem Photos

The Possibility Of Eminem Plastic Surgery Case

Eminem PhotosDespite the supportive claims by some of his fans, experts still believe the rapper must have had series of plastic surgery.  A critical look at his old and new pictures reveals the truth.  He’s currently having a different face when his current photos are viewed.  The photos also reveal his flawless forehead. There are no traces of wrinkles on the spot. Eminem’s face has continued to look smooth and boyish. Experts believe he must have had Botox injections or facelift.

Again, Eminem’s eyes are looking sharp and young. The eyelids are completely gone. Experts believe he must have had a unique eyelift. The famous rapper is looking younger by the day despite the reality of his old age.

Whichever is the case, the fact remains that Eminem plastic surgery is only being rumored. Gossipers are busy talking about it. The renowned rapper has never said anything about the issue. He’s busy pushing on with his rapping career.