Emily Procter Plastic Surgery

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before And After
Emily Procter Plastic Surgery – Not So Good Cosmetic İntervention

Did Emily Procter Improve Her Look Surgically?

Looking at Emily Procter plastic surgery before and after photos, it is evident that she visited plastic surgeon, and that it didn’t end up well. Emily was a beautiful woman, known for her successful role in CSI: Miami forensic series, so we have been looking her look change-and not for better. It is evident that years are going by and she seemingly doesn’t age. However, she doesn’t look good. She has lost normal facial mimic, her face is mask-like. This is a classic example of plastic surgery gone wrong, more particularly, botox gone wrong. It is quite obvious that Emily has used a lot of botox injections to maintain her previously beautiful face wrinkle-free, but it gave negative side-effects. Her usually so beautiful face now looks too shiny and smooth, almost like a human mask, and this is not the effect you want to achieve when you go for any cosmetic intervention.

What Plastic Surgeries Did Emily Procter Have?

Emily Procter Photos Emily Procter gain fame and popularity as sexy scientist in TV show CSI: Miami. All the ladies in this show look great, but she was one of the sexiest, and many guys wanted to see her in less clothes than what she usually wore onscreen: two-piece suit and smart shirts. However, we have observed change of her appearance over the course of several seasons of the show, and it is difficult to say that it was due to one or other thing-it was mixture of several factors.

She got pregnant and it was evident that she gained lot of weight due to pregnancy, but hey, this is normal: we simply expected that she will swiftly loose pregnancy weight as majority of actresses do, andreturn back to show looking as sexy as before. However, when she did return,she looked different, both in body and in facial appearance.

It was instantly clear that Emily Procter has had few plastic surgeries that include:

Emily Procter Photos Lip fillers are probably the worst possible choice of all she made in regard to cosmetic procedures she had, because her lips don’t look good at all. And why in hell did she have lip fillers after all?! Her lips looked very nice and full before, and there was no need to have them filled additionally to get more volume. Now her lips simply look artificial, over-full and over-plump.

When commenting  changes on her body, as we have already mentioned, Emily has gained a lot of weight during pregnancy-and returned to show without all this extra weight. However, there are rumors that she didn’t shed all this extra weight naturally (dieting and exercising), but that she went for swift, hands-on solution: liposuction, which managed to remove all the extra fat from her sexy and salacious curves.

While on the process of recovering her previous body shape, it seems that she has also done some work on her boobs. In this department, we think that she didn’t add cup size-which is not necessary, as her boobs are very nice in size and shape. However, when speaking of shape, this has probably changed due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, so she chose boob surgery to restore previous shape and position. We can definitely confirm that she looks as sexy as before, apart from her very artificial lips and lack of natural facial mimic. Is this necessary consequence of plastic surgery? We are not so sure about it, as there are examples of very successful plastic surgery on other stars.

What do you think about Emily Procter plastic surgeries? Do you agree with us in regard to all surgeries we think she had?

Emily Procter’s bad facial plastic surgery, especially lip fillers and botox remind us of Meg Ryan‘s very similar case, who has also destroyed her image of sweet girl next door with this dreadful lip fillers and botox.

Emily Procter Body Statistics :

Emily Procter Measurements*Body measurements : 38-24-36

*Bra Size : 36C

*Height : 5’3″

*Weight : 127 lbs

*Shoe Size : 7

*Dress Size : 8

*Hair Color : blonde

*Eye color : blue