Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery

Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery Before And After
Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery – Shows Not A Low Maintenance

Emily Maynard might look like just a momma next door with low maintenance. But when you look at her hot body with the perfect cup size, she is the real thing that men are crazy about. Her hot bikini body is an example of perfect woman with zero fat. She has her figure as sexy as Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton for instance.

Emily Maynard Before Plastic Surgery

Emily Maynard Pictures Her quest to hunt the ‘it’ guy apparently needed her to go under the knife. She wants to be the one to get the one! She beat 24 other contestants and won Brad Womack’s heart. It is funny that the marriage did not last longer than the episodes. She ended up getting in another reality show where now, she got the chance to choose the one guy out of 25 men! She picked Jeff Holm.

A list of her plastic surgery shows that she is getting addicted to the fact that it gives her enhancement. For breasts, she is pretty happy with the upsize assets and when you look at her teeth, they’re neater than before. You can’t deny that she looks hotter. Other various forms of plastic surgeries are like nose job and narrowing the chin. She did something similar to what Paris Hilton did to her face. The nose job narrows down the bridge and make it pointier. A source said that her frozen face was due to the fact that she was going to air for another season of Bachelorettes.

Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery Before And After

Emily Maynard Photos Her face in particular, shows no sign of aging or sagging. Could it be the real human face or just another fake one? Experts believed that Emily Maynard might use botox and fillers to come out with superb looking face. The reports have shown that she has a bell’s palsy so she needed the plastic surgery. But it’s probably arguable since she never triggers gossips about her own life and affair. The disease made her insecure about herself so she needed something to boost her confident.

White pearly teeth, who wants that perfect smile? Emily Maynard got veneers and that was the first thing she could do to enhance her look. The tidy teeth in her photos make her pose even sexier. If you have that kind of perfect smile, guys would line up for you – and that’s what she wants, isn’t it? Veneer is a quick and instant fix to eliminate weird smile.

You can say that this is false teeth but the dental treatment is almost the same thing as facelift because it sticks something, cuts something and mend something. It transforms the face significantly even when it’s just the teeth.

The process gets a worthy output because a series of mouth moulding get her teeth beautiful. But of course it’s a complex and expensive process so it is surely not a low maintenance. You need lots of cash to have it. Emily seems to be very down to earth but you would not believe that she has had the pregnancy and getting boob job plus nose job. Every woman envies her body but apparently the body is artificial. Rumors get speculations that botox ad fillers are not the only thing she has. Besides facelift, Emily could have boob job because of her reshaped breasts and seem to be full cup. It gives her a beautiful look however. She is now more sensual and hotter with her bikini body and elegant choices of clothing. Do you think Emily will have another cosmetic surgery as she gets older? Do you think she will be addicted to the cosmetic procedure since now she enjoys a life like a beauty swan?

Emily Maynard MeasurementsCeleb Body Statistics :

• Bra size : 32 C

• Height : 5’4″ (163 cm)

• Weight : 128 lbs (58 kg)

• Shoe Size : 7

• Dress size : 4

• Hair Color : blonde

• Eye Color : brown