Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery

elsa patton Plastic Surgery Before and After
Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery – Is She Or Is She Not?

The 70 years old actress has transformed her look into much more appealing according to herself. Marisol’s mother is famous for her role in Real Housewives of Miami the series. Her cosmetic surgery went wrong in all places. The news of Elsa Patton plastic surgery quickly spread and she admitted the fact in public.

Here are some of the list of what she did

Botox injections.



There are various treatments that Elsa underwent and the beauty apparently does not remain there. the housewives look even desperate with her new look.Elsa Patton Photos The mistakes of surgery or her overdoing on her own face makes her glow disappear somehow.

She actually modified her face. Her appearance is altered and her smile looks so artificial. It did not improve her appearance as the way she wanted. Lip implants there is! The visible sign initially occurred on her lips. It improves her look and her breasts look rather bigger and fuller.

There are several procedures done on other parts of the body. Her wrinkles somehow disappear. The corrective surgeries have made them all gone but too much of the absence made us wonder if she is in her real age or fake it. She also does not show loose skin a bit and it’s quite horrible to see it!

Elsa Patton before plastic surgery photos shows significant changes. Her fans should stop her from doing it. Although they already did. But then again, who are these fans to stop her? The reports on media have harshly commented on her look. Of course the condition affects her present. Elsa Patton plastic surgery is admitted by no other than her own mouth. She has lots of surgeries and she is not devastated by that.

Elsa Patton’s Surgery Went Wrong

Elsa Patton PhotosMama Elsa Patton before plastic surgery was a pretty lady with an attitude. It has become a surprise that everything went wild and wrong. The dreadful fact begins to be visible as she shows her ageing signs while having the surgery actually cover them up artificially ugly.

The nip and tuck procedure done in so many times look terribly excessive that her skin just could not contain. The fillers and injections have made her face damage. It is quite alarming somehow but she did not hear it ring.

The botox injections were supposed to be very light. But when they are overdone, you know the result. Many celebs have gone way too far with these injections. Just name like Donatella Versace. Sadly, they never think that way. The chraming appearance is somehow thrown in the dust bin and replacing it, a horrible look that one cannot tell if it is a human or beast. It was easy to go for the first time but then she get addicted and went on for the second and third and so on. The nose bridge looks rathe weird than being a successful result. On the contrary she seems to be more confident.

No matter how yielding the result is, she continues to do so. The injections went on for years and her eyebrows have also been affected by them. The result is even weird because the eye brows are too high. When you compare to another celeb like Jeniffer Aniston or Blake Lively, they are the goddesses that went well under the knife. The successful results are clearly written in their faces.

These celebs have all the fortune to be insane. That is why many do that with no intention of taking other opinions into account. These questions should pop up into your mind when it comes to plastic surgery. Do you think that everyone should go that extra mile to make them look beautiful? What makes the celebs inspired to get those injections overdone?

Celeb Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 32/28/36
  • Bra size : 32
  • Height : 5’6’’
  • Weight : 56kg
  • Shoe Size : 7
  • Dress size : 4
  • Hair Colour : brown
  • Eye Colour : blackelsa patton Plastic Surgery