Dwyane Wade Net Worth

Dwyane Wade Net Worth
How much is Dwyane Wade worth:

  • Full Name: Dwyane Tyrone Wade Junior
  • Net Worth: $95 Million
  • Occupation: Basketball player
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Dwyane Wade Net Worth – Is Big Thanks To His Sports Skills And Business Sense

Dwyane Wade Earned His Wealth Thanks To Basketball And Advertising

Dwyane Tyrone Wade Junior is successful NBA player, currently playing for Miami Heat. He was member of American Olympic basketball team twice, earning him Olympic gold and silver, and has also achieved numerous successes in NBA. His basketball pay is only a part of his wealth: he signed numerous wealthy endorsement deals with such big brands as Li Ning, Nike, Hublot watches and Gatorade. Dwyaneloves to keep contact with his fans, so he has set up his personal page where he informs his fans of news in his life, as well as his personal opinions on variety of matters. Also, he is a huge fan of healthy living. He says that this is something that came to him with age-he didn’t care so much about healthy eating and living when he was younger but these days he loves eating healthy and also strongly promotes healthy lifestyle to his fans. Dwayne is truly working on becoming a role model with his lifestyle, healthy living and promoting family values and life.

Dwyane Wade net worth is $95 million, but also makes $15 million annually from his club and endorsements. He ownsamazing  home in Miami Dade county, that is worth $11 million. He lived in luxury mansion in Chicago with his first wife and their kids, but he moved out of it when they divorced and gave it to her after the divorce, along with one of his cars, as a part of divorce settlement. Later there was news that home went to bank because she wasn’t paying mortgage rates. And speaking of cars, Dwyane Wade cars include such luxury vehicles: Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade, Porsche 991 and McLaren MP4-12C, which he got for 30th birthdayas a birthday present from a Miami car dealership he promotes.

Dwyane Wade Turbulent Personal Life

Dwyane Wade PhotosDwyane Wade wife No1 was hish high-school sweetheart SiohvaughnFunches, with who he has two sons. However, they grew apart, and at some point they decided to separate. Actually, it was Dwyane who decided to file for divorce in 2008, but she wasn’t too happy with it and decided to make his life a living hell. One of the most important reasons was the fact that after he filed for divorce, he allowed to public to learn that Dwyane Wade girlfriend was famous singer and actress Gabrielle Union. However, Gabrielle has always denied such stories saying that they were only friends at the time when Dwayne Wade filed for divorce. However, Dwyane Wade ex wife decided to make him miserable, so she made lot of public scandals and drama while they were in a middle of divorce. Despite the fact that Dwyane never evaded payments for support while they were divorcing and accepted to pay her monthly support after they were divorced, she did all she could to speak bad of him and his then-girlfriend Gabrielle, even saying that they behaved unappropriately in front of her sons. Finally, judge assigned custody over sons to Dwayne thanks to her erratic behavior, while Siohvaughn got monthly support and ownership over home in Chicago.

How Did Dwyane’s Relationship With Gabrielle Uniondevelop

Dwyane Wade PhotosIt wasn’t Dwayne who was married before getting hooked with Gabrielle-she also divorced once before getting with him. Because both of them have successful careers, they didn’t spend much time together at first, and that was a reason for their break-up in 2013. However, they got back together, and eventually married in summer 2014. While they were separated in 2013, Dwyanehooked with another woman and this is reason how another Dwyane Wade baby, son named Xavier,came to world.However, Gabrielle eventually decided to take Dwyane back and marry him, despite knowing he fathered a child mean while. What do you think, did she make the right choice? Please feel free to comment.

Hugh Hefner and Jim Carrey also got married more than once, and this really reminds us of Dwyane Wade.

Dwyane Wade Body Statistics:

  • Dwyane Wade Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 6′ 4”
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 15
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown