Dr. Phil Net Worth

Dr. Phil Net Worth
How much is
Dr. Phil worth:

  • Full Name: Phillip Calvin McGraw
  • Net Worth: $280 Million
  • Occupation: Psychologist, Author, Host and Television Personality
  • Marital Status: Annulled
  • Ethnicity: English

Dr. Phil Net Worth – The Life Of A Psychologist, Author, Host And Television Personality

In the 1990s, Sr. Phil was first seen in the Oprah Winfrey show which he considered it to be his stepping stone in the success of his career. Phil grew up in Oklahoma and was born to Anne Geraldine and Joseph J. McGraw Jr. ever since he was a kid, his family, specifically his father, was really into pursuing the goal of being a psychologist.

Dr. Phil’s Career

Don King graduated with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Psychology from Midwestern State University in 1975. He even had his masters and doctorate studies in a prestige university in Texas to excel his field as a Psychologist.

Right after getting his doctorate degree, he joined his father for a private psychology practice in Texas which was actually the start of his wonderful success in his career. He even attended the Pathways seminar which enabled Dr. Phil to think about ideas that he unimaginably ever thought about before. Right even after being a guest in Oprah’s television show, Dr. Phil got to sign an agreement for the selling of his Pathways seminar stocks which amounted for $325,000.

Oprah Winfrey eventually hired Dr. Phil for her litigation case against the Amarillo Texas Beef. Impressed with Dr. Phil’s skills in lawsuits, Oprah never stopped thanking him for the victory of her case which ended 3 years after. Dr. Phil has been a daily guest of Oprah in 1998, and even marked it as the peak of his career during that time. And to come to think of it, McGraw had a chance to have his own show, which was actually produced by Winfrey’s Harpo Studios.

Dr. Phil Pictures

In 2008, when Dr. Phil visited Britney Spears in the hospital, her family reacted violently for what he has done. Instead of visiting Britney to check on her, he even tried to get their consent to be interviewed in his show, Dr. Phil. The Spears Family said that it didn’t help their daughter to get well, but rather made it even complicated for Britney to get well as soon as possible. Dr. Phil was accused for malpractice in the field of Psychology, and even breached their code of professions, specifically on the doctor-patient relationship. Litigations were filed against Dr. Phil, however there were no progress reports about it, since the BOP decided that it has to be private and there is no need for it to be publicized.

Dr. Phil’s Charity

Dr. Phil may be known for his unsuccessful products of weight loss, but right after that, he has made a decision of putting up his own Dr. Phil charity foundation for anti-obesity for children in 2003. His foundation also supported different fields, such as individuals who has mental disorders, emotional problems, spiritual anxiety and even financial support for the needy.

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Dr. Phil’s Marriage

Dr. Phil got married to Debbie Higgins McCall, but eventually ended their marriage due to Dr. Phil’s restraints that she can’t pursue her own career. She even accused Dr. Phil for letting her work out physically to make her look good with her vital statistics. Unfortunately, this didn’t even give any disadvantage on Dr. Phil’s side. He even started dating, even on the process of their annulment, Robin Jo Jameson. They even had their own children.