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Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery Before And After
Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery – How Successful Is The Knife Job

Donnie Wahlberg the famous singer is known for his antics on the stage. He knows how to make the audience happy each time her performs. In the recent times, there are gossips and rumors making rounds concerning Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery issue. Many of his fans still wonder why he had to go through a plastic surgery.

The Possibility Of Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery

From every indication, many people believe Donnie Wahlberg has gone through a plastic surgery. This is quite evident from the sudden change noticed on his face. Actually he’s in his late 40s but he’s still looking so much younger than his age. His face has continued to look spotless and smooth. No traces of wrinkles noticed. This has made many of his fans to believe he must have had a plastic surgery.

Donnie Wahlberg Pictures

The View Of Experts On This Issue

Donnie Wahlberg PhotosSome experts in plastic surgery have something to say about the issue of Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery rumor.  Many of them believe the singer actually had a plastic surgery just like Clay Aiken, Cheryl Hines and other celebrities. This is because his face has continued to look spotless and smooth. They are of the view that he must have had a facelift or Botox injection.

Aside from that, experts also believe he must have had a brow-lift. This is usually meant to clear wrinkles from the forehead. There are no traces of wrinkles on Donnie’s forehead anymore.  Moreover, his eyelids are completely gone. This is also an indication he did something about that.

Again, experts believe Donnie Wahlberg must have had Tummy tuck. This is evident from the flat tummy he’s having right now. His entire body has lost some weight. He’s looking slim these days. He has continued to lose weight by the day.

Furthermore, experts also believe the singer had facial filler injections. This is because his face looks so full and restored.  There are no traces of spots or wrinkles found.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Stand On The Issue

So far, most of Donnie’s fans are still wondering why he had to go through the plastic surgery processes. His action also betrays the obvious. Anybody can easily conclude he had a plastic surgery from the way he’s looking these days. His current photos bear great witness to the fact.

As at the moment, Donnie Wahlberg has not admitted the truth about the plastic surgery. He has never made public statements about that. Hence, the issue of his plastic surgery remains at the threshold of rumor and gossip. The famous singer is still waxing stronger by the day. His busy taking his career to greater heights while the gossipers keep on ruminating on the issue his plastic surgery.