Don King Net Worth

Don King Net Worth
How much is
Don King worth:

  • Full Name: Donald King
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: Boxing Promoter
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Ethnicity: American

Don King Net Worth – The Man Behind The Success Of Every Boxer

He is known to be Donald King, was born on August 20, 1931 who is a popular promoter of boxing. He has been a promoter of one of the famous boxers in history like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Bernard Hopkins and more. However, not everyone liked him as their promoter for a reason that before he promoted them, he came up with a plan to defraud them. He faced different litigations that made him pay almost a hundred dollars for each suits just to get away from being convicted of the felony that he committed.

He was born in Ohio and unfortunately he has been in he has been earning dirty money from the start which proves his good skills of being an illegal minded person. He was also accused of murdering 2 individuals, but turned out to be a justifying circumstance of homicide. Instead of doing nothing in prison, he actually educated himself with literature and philosophy for him to be able to learn more about the education he left behind in the past. It has been very hard for King to learn forgiveness, which explains his conviction.

The King’s Career

Don King started his career by availing Muhammad Ali’s attention and had to present some exhibition in a local hospital in Cleveland for charity. Everyone was impressed with his tactical plan of winning Ali’s attention since he was the well-known heavyweight champion of the world.  King was able to promote Muhammad Ali’s match with George Foreman, historically named The Rumble in the Jungle, wherein he was able to pay $10 million to Zaire for the security of Ali’s victory.

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He also went in the Philippines, and made his promoting career be at its best for the following years. Impressed with all his skills, many would love to join his boxing empire, since then all his boxers were all part of the Hall of Fame.

In 2008, with all his hard work as a boxing promoter, he was rewarded to be part of the Gaming Hall of Fame which made him more confident with his career.

The King’s Marriage

Don King may have been known with his dirty money earnings, but who could have ever imagined that he had a romantic side of his own. He got married to Henrietta, who unfortunately died on December 2, 2010. They had 3 children who were named Debbie, Carl and Eric.

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King’s Legacy

Most of King’s boxers were not really amazed with his promoting skills, and eventually filed multiple law suits against him for a million dollars and the like, but King was able to pay off his conviction for almost a hundred thousand dollars. Despite all of his litigations, the world, especially his boxers acknowledged his legacy of putting the sports of boxing with a high reputation which led the boxers to be paid in a high amount of money and he even got the public interest’s attention to learn and enjoy watching boxing not only as a sport but also as a art itself.

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King was never boastful about what he has made in the field of boxing, but rather he stood up proudly and says that he is humble enough to see his boxers getting paid as to how much they deserve.