DMX Net Worth

Dmx Net Worth
How much is DMX worth:

  • Full Name: Earl Simmons
  • Net Worth: negative $10 million
  • Occupation: singer, rapper
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: American

DMX Net Worth – Negative $10 Million Is All He Has

DMX net worth falls far below the notch. It is estimated that his worth is negative $10 million. With this in mind, he filed for bankruptcy in early 2013. The New York rapper once earned more than $30 million for his albums and singles. But surprisingly in 2013, rapper DMX net worth did not mean a lot to his own term. The 44 year old rapper apparently has to deal with the fact that he has lost his fortune. The cost of living a luxury life has to paid in bitter way.

What Is Dmx Net Worth? The Debt He Owes

DMX Pictures He was used to be the man with money but now, he has serious money problem. DMX filed for bankruptcy and admitted he only had $50,000 of asset with mounting debt worth $10 million. He can’t pay child support and his car mortgage of American Honda Finance is also still waiting for his money. not to mention, his medical bills that mounted up to $5,000.

DMX also partner up with Amusing Diversions, clothing line for rappers that produce accessories like hats and scarves. As a partner, DMX owed the company thousand of dollars in debt. Shortly after, police found pet cruelty when DMX locked up 13 pitbulls in a very harsh condition. He also owned illicit drugs and illegal guns at home. His life went even sour for the arrest and inhumane charges. The animal cruelty was no harm if only Amusing Diversions wasn’t selling doggy clothing. The truth is, it gets harder for the company to sell their products when one of the stakeholder performed animal cruelty. Also, DMX got trouble when he often endorse other brand with similar product line – which doesn’t do any good for the company.

His list of debt becomes higher up to $240,000.not include outstanding child support that he couldn’t manage to pay. He also can’t obtain passport due to his mischievous behaviors on and off the media. The brutality made him go down in the pitch black hole and he is now in struggle to pay all of his outstanding debts from every corner. it is also a surprise that he owe some of individuals a big amount of money that was later found out by the police, these people are some drug dealers.

How Much Money Is Dmx Worth?

DMX Photos Looking back to his career as a rapper – DMX could get very far with his talent but somehow he ruined everything with his own behavior. He spends his money in an inappropriate way which is why he does not succeed in Hollywood. It is a cruel world that when you get in trouble, all the contracts were canceled and anyone can lose a chance to get a second chance. DMX has huge fan base but somehow he did not want to regain it, or he couldn’t afford to regain since he is busy paying off his debts.

He can’t even work overseas because he does not carry his passport. That should limit his working area and the consequence, a limit of income. DMX was once a superstar with big hits and movie roles. His old school style of rap has become most of the people’s favorite until now even when he isn’t seen much playing the gig. However, the glitters make him work less hard than his fellow rapper like Lil Wayne or Drake. Both make a careful financial plan by taking one step at a time.

Dmx Body Statistics MeasurementsWhat do you think about DMX? Is he doomed or can he survive from the mounting debts he owes to many parties? How about his talent? Is he a real rapper or he is just a troubled guy who does not know how to make great records?