Derek Jeter Net Worth

Derek Jeter Net Worth
How much is Derek Jeter worth:

  • Full Name: Derek Sanderson Jeter
  • Net Worth: $185 million
  • Occupation: Baseball player
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: American

Derek Jeter Net Worth – The Fortune He Earns So Far From Playing Baseball And Endorsements

Derek Jeter net worth is estimated at $185 million this year. The Yankee baseball captain seems to add up his contract with sport brands namely Nike, Gatorade and more. If it’s not winter then it’s summer contract. Each one of them is worth more than $50 million. That adds up his salary per year.

Derek Jeter Pictures Jeter is one of the most remarkable baseball player and also marketable. There are quite a lot of products endorsement in his portfolio. Ford, Gillete, Movado and Jordan brand from Nike, are just some of them. He even endorsed avon cologne. His great posture and popular name seem to be the reason he gets so much fame. Hence, he is recognizable on and off the field.

Born in Michigan, Derek Jeter attended Yankee games with his grandpa. That was when he fell deeply in love with the club. Every summer, he would watch the game and dreamed of someday becoming one of the players. He joined a league in high school and quickly found his way to stardom with his talent. Starting with Shortstop in 1996, Derek made a great rookie of the year. the winning series continued up till the year of 2009.

Rich And Famous – Derek Jeter Lives In Fab Lanes

Derek Jeter Photos Derek started his salary at the number of $130,000. As his stardom in the spotlight is getting recognized, so does his salary. The amount increases each year. and the last salary reported is $22 million. That is huge!

With net worth estimated around $185 million this year, he is probably the richest baseball player. He has signed another 3 year with the Yankees and that amount of salary goes to? A list of properties and girlfriends to spend the night with. That is no surprise since he gets $10 million for every endorsement not to mention several other contract deals.

Despite the fortune he owns, Derek is a philanthropist with constant donation to his foundation, Turn 2. It works towards youth initiatives and Derek is actively involved in this project. He also appeared as Cameo in Senfield and the other Guys.

A Glimpse Insight On Derek Jeter Girlfriend

Derek Jeter Photos Want to know the A list of women that Derek Jeter dated? That includes Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba and more of hot girl names. When it comes to multimillionaire athlete, Derek knows how to grab a girl for companion. The on and off relationship with these women have also made him famous outside the field. It is not hard for the hunk to get a hot chic as he has everything that every woman wants. Nice car, nice home, and great job! Derek Jeter house has also become the talk among people as he lives in fab mansion that worths million dollars. Derek Jeter girlfriend list adds up his young and fabulous life and it pays off to be an athlete.

His girlfriends are some of his flings, casual dates and not so serious relationship. You can tell by how many months he could stand with one girl alone. These beautiful women have fun with him. The list range from all of the hottest women in Hollywood. Yup, Derek is like an experienced player who just can’t stand to be alone for a second. Derek could follow the path of Dwayne Johnson who switched his career from professional wrestler to full time actor. With all the glitters that a big screen can offer, who knows what could happen to Derek?

Derek Jeter Body Statistics MeasurementsWhat do you think about Derek Jeter and his list of girlfriends? Is he unable to commit or he is just not that into commitment thing? What about his career? Where can you see him in the next 5 years?