Denzel Washington Net Worth

Denzel Washington Net Worth
How much is Denzel Washington worth:

  • Full Name: Denzel Hayes Washington
  • Net Worth: $190 million
  • Occupation: actor, producer, director, screen writer
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: African American


Denzel Washington Net Worth – Talented Actor With A Name Worthy Of Million Dollar Fortune

The Life Of Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington Pictures Denzel Washington net worth has been the talk in many magazines. Born in New York as Denzel Hayes Washington, the actor is also a director, screen writer and producer. With an estimate worth of $190 million, Denzel strikes a sleek look and good posture. His talent is breathtakingly amazing as he can play villain and good guy with great skills. That is why people would pay him off like millions just to get him on set. The New Yorker is an ordinary guy who slowly moved from TV series to big screen. His first role was in St. Elsewhere. It continued until 6th season and he was nominated in Oscar for his role in Cry Freedom.

Denzel has also won Best Supporting actor in the movie, Glory. If you look at his movies, he never really takes ordinary screenplays. His character is always challenging, playing a drunken pilot in Flight, and the next day he was shooting the bad guy as a cop. He make a great income out of his talent for sure. He is an ordinary guy that seems to always stay away from paparazzi. His life is simple and never really goes to parties. This is why people never thought that net worth Denzel Washington could be this much. Like, he seldom appears in magazine with controversies or manly pose, isn’t he?

But He Is The Man With Multiple Gifts!

Denzel Washington Photos If you are wondering how much is Denzel Washington net worth? Let’s take a look at his salary since 2004. He played a role in Man of Fire and during the time, he was paid $20 million. Up next, he played in American Gangster back in 2007 and his salary got a raise of $20 million – making him worth $40 million dollars. That could explain a lot on how he gets $140 million dollars per year. Denzel is the 2nd African American actor who won best actor in Golden Globe for his movie, The Training Day. At his top of career, Denzel tries to become a producer, director and also script writer. And you don’t need to ask his annual payment for those!

His role as Dr. Phillip in St. Elsewhere was the one who brought attention to his talent. Everybody began to notice this young man as a talented actor and he then received acting roles in big screens. The critical raves that he earned really got him to the Hollywood highest paid actor lists. He always gets the adoration and admiration – on and off the screen. He also brilliantly played a good guy in Book of Eli. Though he didn’t get an award, but critics found his acting is incredible.

Denzel Washington Wife And His Big Family

Denzel Washington Photos Denzel Washington is living a happy life with his wife, Pauletta Pearson. Both of them met on set in 1983 starring in Wilma. They got married and have 4 children. Denzel is a typical family man who prefers to stay at home with his family rather than joining after party like the others. He is far from gossips nor controversies and somehow, the press is only able to record his talents and the next upcoming movies he plays. Surely this is something you rarely seen in Hollywood. Denzel Washington clearly is similar to Will Smitha typical family guy who loves their family.

Denzel Washington Body Statistics MeasurementsWhat do you think about Denzel Washington net worth? Do you know if he has any other business going on or he is purely an actor and screen writer? What makes him so famous and what do you think director always makes him a favorite? What special character does Denzel plays best from his movies? Tell us what you think and leave your comment below!