Dennis Rodman Net Worth

Dennis Rodman Net Worth
How much is Dennis Rodman worth:

  • Full Name: Dennis Rodman
  • Net Worth: $ -1 Million
  • Occupation: Former professional basketball player
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: African-American

Dennis Rodman Net Worth – Various Issues Lead This Star To Self-Destruction 

Dennis Rodman PicturesIn most cases, whenever you see a celebrity, you think about wealth and success. In most cases, people who become popular and known all over the world earn a lot of money, usually millions of dollars. It is very hard to spend all that money, but some stars were able to do it. One of them is Dennis Rodman. His talent for basketball was huge, and for years, he was an NBA star. Instead of enjoying wealth, success and popularity, he ruined all that by irresponsible actions. It seems like he spent everything he earned over the years. Dennis Rodman net worth is $-1 million at the moment, which truly comes as a shock. He should act completely different, like some other professional athletes and celebrities, who did not spend their money like crazy. Instead, they invested it in various businesses, because smart investing leads to income increase. For Dennis, some other things were more important, and today, he is still famous, but definitely not rich.

Successful NBA Career                                

Dennis Rodman PhotosDennis Rodman is one of the most popular basketball names, and he was on the top of it all during the nineties. He is 53 years old, and he was born in Trenton, New Jersey. When he was just a child, he was shy, and he even considered to commit suicide. All that changed later, when he became a bad boy, and he is known for many things he did. His trademarks are his tattoos, piercings, and different, crazy hair colors. Dennis was an amazing player, and he definitely had such a brilliant future ahead. However, he choose the wrong path, and one of the main reasons he is not rich anymore, is because he had many legal issues, and a serious drinking problem. During the period when he was playing for Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and some other great teams, Dennis Rodman net worth increased on a daily base. Somehow, people forget how awesome player he was, because he had many scandals.

Love Life And Relationships Of Dennis Rodman

Dennis had a turbulent past when it comes to his love life as well. First, he was married to Annie Bakes with whom he has a daughter, and the second Dennis Rodman wife was the actress Carmen Electra. They were married for only a year, after which they divorced. Michelle Moyer was his third wife, and the couple has two children together. When things between them did not go well, they give their best to reconcile, but eventually, they divorced. He owns money for child support, and Dennis Rodman kids visitations were allowed to him, but only when the cops are present.

His Life Changed Because Of Different Problems With Law And Alcohol

Dennis Rodman PhotosSadly, Dennis obviously did not take all that success he had at some point very well. His net worth was enormous at some point, and he could enjoy wealth, luxury, and many other things. However, he was caught driving under the influence, and the drinking problem in general ruined him. He earned a lot of commercials, and he appeared in some movies as well. He also tried his luck as a professional wrestler. Dennis was in the rehab for several times, but today, all the net worth he once had is gone. There are many celebrities who are not sure how to deal with fame, such as Deion Sanders, but he found a way. On the other hand, Diego Maradona is very similar to Dennis, since he spent everything he once had. Since Dennis always have been, and always will be interesting to ordinary people and the media, maybe he will be able to earn some money again.

Do you think Dennis will be able to earn some money if the future?

Denis Rodman Body Statistics:

  • Dennis Rodman Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 201 cm
  • Weight:8 kg
  • Shoe Size: Not available
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark brown