Daymond John Net Worth

Daymond John Net Worth
How much is Daymond John worth:

  • Full Name: Daymond Garfield John
  • Net Worth: $250 Million
  • Occupation: Founder of FUBU, TV personality, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Black American

Daymond John Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: Not available
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: Not known
  • Shoe Size: 10
  • Hair Color: Bald
  • Eye Color: Brown

How Much Is Daymond John Net Worth?

Daymond John net worth is estimated to be $250 million. He is a big name in the entertainment business and common envy for the upcoming investors, owing to his accomplishments. He has gathered his piggy bank, as a businessperson, investor, fashion designer and TV personality. Besides, he also has other capabilities in his basket. He is an author and a motivational speaker, which is too supplement his net worth. If you are really interested in knowing his net worth, you ought not to be tired learning  a few things about Daymond. It is the only way, you will understand just how, he has managed to reach a worth of this much money.

Daymond John Early Life

Daymond John Pictures His entrepreneurship skills did not start when he appeared in Shark Tank, but they are far-fetched. Even at a young age, Daymond had been an entrepreneur. His endeavors as a youth, might not have contributed significantly to his current net worth. However, he owes all he has today, to the entrepreneurial mind he got when he was young.

Actually, Daymond John first displayed his business skills in high school.  Surprisingly, at that tender age, he was able to handle work and school work concurrently, without failing in either. The young John could go to school for one week and in the other week, he could go to work. It is from this experience that he nurtured his entrepreneurship skills, which have brought him much fortune to date. Hence, after graduation, he did not hesitate joining commuter van services.

As he offered the computing services, an idea came to him, which would to this day, become his major breadwinner. He thought it were trendy to wear woolen hats, void of their tops and they would sell for just 20 dollars.  Based on his analysis, this price was too high and something needed to be done.  With a group of friends, they planned to make the same hats but, which would retail for ten dollars. This was half the price the original hats, which made them attractive to most people especially, those who could not afford the 20-dollar hats.

Daymond John Photos The first hats they made were 80, which earned them 800 dollars by the close of the day. This is was a great achievement for the young lads. They decided to place a logo “FUBU” on the hats to give them an identity.  As their business expanded, they thought it was wise to print their logo on t-shirts and jerseys. Being the founder of FUBU, it started  building his net worth. While he was a risk taker, he was also a realist, hence, as the company started he had another job in Red Lobster, to ensure his financial security. This is something upcoming businesspersons, should pick from Daymond John. In 1993, he approached LL Cool J, who was then the face of the popular  The Gap and liaised with him to wear FUBU clothes, which he did. From this endorsement, Daymond brand got more famous.

It even gained more popularity  in 1994, after the team went for a trade show  in Las Vegas. While here they garnered orders amounting to over $300 thousand dollars.  How much is Daymond John worth? From that time, FUBU became one of the main contributors of Daymond John net worth. Today, the company that started with 800 dollars, has managed to make sales of over $6 billion globally.  Just that you know he is one of the stars of the famous show “Shark Tank”, which also contributes to his worth.

Private Life

Daymond John Photos He was married but now divorced with two children. He has been quoted saying that his kids are his inspiration. Daymond John wife is said to be the one, who furnished Daymond with some ideas when FUBU was on the rise. It is unfortunate, she cannot enjoy what the two saw growing. The divorce came on the account that Daymond was unfaithful. As the word goes around, he is so kind to let a girl pass in the club, without falling in love. Nothing much can be said about his love life now, since he has tried as much as possible to keep that from the eyes and ears of the media.

There you have it, the root of enormous net worth of Daymond John.  It is still set to increase and may be next year, he will have reached half a billion net worth.  Looking at his achievements, nothing will prevent this from coming true.