David Letterman Net Worth

David Letterman Net Worth
How much is David Letterman worth:

  • Full Name: David Michael Letterman
  • Net Worth: $400 Million
  • Occupation: TV host, writer, actor
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

David Letterman Net Worth – Has Been Questioned By Many

Incredible Talent Of David Letterman

David Letterman PicturesDavid Letterman net worth is amazing $400 million, and many wonder how come that TV host managed to earn this much money? However, when you consider that he has been present on national television for several decades now, and that not even life-threatening illness (heart condition) managed to stop him down and make him retire, it is no wonder that he is so successful in moneymaking.

David invested his money in producing company, producing several prime-time comedy series, such as Everybody Loves Raymond, just to mention the most popular of these.

David Letterman PhotosDavid Letterman started his TV career as an anchor and weatherman, and even since his start on television he couldn’t do without humor. It happened more than once that would say false weather forecast, and once he even said that state border has been lost. After he moved to LA to continue his television career, things just continued to move upwards faster. Besides hosting TV shows, he also stared in few movies as well.

David Letterman has hosted Oscars twice, although he wasn’t considered as one of the best hosts. Some attribute his Oscars flunk to later fall of his TV show. However, David didn’t give up on either-he often joked about his Oscar experience in his TV show. He is evidently one of rare few ready to make fun of his own lower roles. The same can be said for his years-long quarrel with Oprah Winfrey-they first started it in 1980s, and ended it 16 years later, with words that it was a Super Bawl of love. Good for them, as they are definitely among most powerful TV hosts in America.

David Letterman Is A Philanthropist And A Very Interesting Personality

David Letterman is powerful and rich man, and though he evidently knows how to live good life, David Letterman Photoshe is also generous and spends lot of his money for various charities. Through his foundation he has donated millions to charities such as Ball State University, American Cancer society, Doctors without borders.

When speaking of his good life, it is worth mentioning that David Letterman owns several properties and cars.

David Letterman’s Private Life And Controversy

David Letterman PhotosDavid Letterman house in New York is one of his greatest assets. He owns 108 acre estates in Westchester county. There is also another house in North Salem, and more than 20 vehicles. Considering this, no wonder how much money is David Letterman worth, right?!  David is surely among highest earning TV host. There are also other successful TV hosts, such as Jay Leno and Conan o’Brien, who are also his colleagues in TV show.

David Letterman has been married twice, first to Michelle Cook, who he divorced in 1977. He was in a relationship with Merrill Markoe, from 1978 to 1988, but they didn’t marry. He started dating Regina Lasko in 1988, while he was still in a relationship with Markoe, and they finally married in 2009, 6 years after she gave birth to his son Harry.

Although he wasn’t a celebrity in a classic sense, still he had a stalker. He often joked about being stalked, but he never spoke about his stalker naming her. When she committed suicide a decade after she started stalking him, he spoke of her with compassion, saying that this was a sad end to troubled life.

David Letterman announced that he will retired by the end of May 2015. Do you believe that he will be able to leave television after being in front of camera for so many years, and devote his days to more peaceful and calmer routine? Please feel free to comment bellow.

David Letterman Body Statistics:

  • David Letterman Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 6′ 1”
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 10 1/2
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Eye Color: Blue