David Beckham Net Worth

David Beckham Net Worth
How much is David Beckham worth:

  • Full Name: David Robert Joseph Beckham
  • Net Worth: $350 Million
  • Occupation: Soccer player, model, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Married to Victoria Adams
  • Ethnicity: White

David Beckham Net Worth – How Rich Is The Soccer Player Of All Time

David Beckham net worth is an estimated figure of $350 million. Owing to his notable achievements in the world of football, it can only be more than the aforementioned estimate but not lower. Now a retired soccer player, he still carries the aura of wealth, he did when he was active in football. 20 years of his lifetime, has been spent in soccer fields. If you are interested in knowing his net worth, you must be willing to learn about his life and financial success.

His Early Years   

David Beckham Pictures David Beckham was born in 1975, in the town of Leytonstone, England. He started his football career, when he was 17 years old, when he played for the reputed club, Manchester United. When he was playing for the team, he managed to earn the title of Premier League champion for six consecutive times. After his successes in Man U, many other teams were looking forward to having him.  Actually, he played for the team for nine seasons.  During this time, he led the team to 6 wins in Premier League, once in UEFA champions and FA cup twice. Later he signed with Los Angeles Galaxy and Real Madrid.  He first went to Real Madrid and later he moved yet again to Los Angeles Galaxy, on a contract of five years. By the time, he was hitting 21 his football career went global. For two years, he was given the title of World Player of the Year by FIFA.

In the following years, David was not doing badly and his net worth was rising tremendously. He was even titled as the highest paid football player, considering his salaries and endorsement deals. By the time he was drawing in the curtains on his football career, he had netted about $350 million in net worth. Just before he retired, he was the midfielder in the England team. Other teams that have enjoyed the heightened football skills of David Beckham include AC Milan, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Preston North End, Los Angeles Galaxy and Manchester United where he started his career.

How much is David Beckham worth? Apart from his achievements as a soccer player, he has also garnered quite a lot of money as a model, all thanks to his looks.  He has also entered into a couple of endorsement deals with giant brands including Calvin Klein, Pepsi, Vodafone, Gillette, Adidas and others. In 2003 to 2004, he became the most searched term on Google. His salary from the Paris Saint Germain was $50 million. Another pointer of his wealth is his interest in buying MLS League Florida. Through Beckham Miami United, his business group, he would give $250 million to the cause.

Private Life   

David Beckham Photos Besides his appearances in the football field, David Beckham is also a father and spouse. He married Victoria Adams former Spice Girl in 1999. David Beckham kids include Cruz David, Romeo James, Brooklyn Joseph and Harper 7. The two have been labeled by their fans and most fashion and beauty magazines, as the hottest celebrity couple, there is in the world. David Beckham wife net worth is also a lump sum.

Another thing you need to know about David Beckham is that he has a thing for tattoos. In fact, he has thirty two tattoos, meaning almost all parts of his body are painted with tattoos. However, his tattoos are not pronounced but they are unique in all aspects. While they do not overshadow his great skin, they make the retired soccer player and model to stand out among the crowd.

David Beckham tattoos have received a fair share of appraisal as well as criticism. Nevertheless, he loves them and spends a lot on the tattoos. Hate them or like them, they are an integral part of David’s life. He does not regret any of the designs and as he says, they all mean something to him, although the outside world may not understand. Do you think his tattoos are excessively many?

Some of his popular tattoos include his first, which he got in 1999 on his lower back. The name Brooklyn was engraved in it may be to celebrate his first born son. The name is stylishly written. One notable thing about David’s tattoos is that they are not large and so, even if they are many, they do not look so. The second tattoo features the design of a guardian angel. The tattoo was placed in 2000, to provide protection for his son, who name lies on David Beckham lower back.David Beckham Photos

David Beckham net worth may be $350 million or more.He still continues to earn from his nvestments and deals, even after retiring from football. With that,  it is possible to register increases on his net worth in the coming years.

David Beckham Body Statistics:

  • David Beckham Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements: 40” chest, 14”biceps, 32” waist
  • Height: 6’0” or 183cm
  • Weight: 163 pounds or 74kg
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel