Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before And After
Dana Delany Plastic Surgery – No Longer Gets Her Desperate

Dana Delany’s beauty can represent mature women at her age. The Desperate Housewives star has finished her role but her fame has not yet to go off. Other celebs with flawless look on her forties are Cher and Daryl Hannah.People may not really engage to the rumors that Dana Delany plastic surgery happened but her beauty apparently says something different.

Dana Delany Pictures Looking on her old photos, you will want to conduct reviews on her facial skin that glowing more and more each day. The inspection becomes clear as you compare side by side.Dana Delany plastic surgery has been done to enhance her facial skin. Dana once said that she dislikes botox injection to her undereye but the fact shows that she has it round and clear. The forehead shows deadly tight skin and you willnotice that her smile expresses different skin texture. You will realize that she has obtained cosmetic surgery to her face. During an interview, Dana admitted that she has a problem with her eye. Somehow it’s the muscle that gets numb. This is probably because of the botox injection effects that disturb the nerves.


Dana Delany Photos Dana made a vow that she is not going to get any botox or cosmetic procedure like nose jobs or whatever. Apparently she becomes so inspired by her pals that finally she got one for herself. Such surgery is a common procedure in Hollywood but when you don’t admit it like how Ivanka Trump denied her boob job, society will make you sorry for that.

However, Dana finally talked openly about her sagging effect that really makes her face sloppy. But the doctor did not want to be responsible for that. The signs become visible and it’s not symmetrical. After the issue, she decided not to go back to the doctor because he did not own up. But Dana did not get mad about it because she fully understood that doctors are just humans as well. And they made mistakes, too like any other people.

Dana Delany, Early Teenage-Hood

Dana Delany photosDana shared her secret that she was once suffering from eating disorder. She wanted the perfect body and her diet issue gets her starving. She would not eat anything but apple all day long just to get that perfect body but after she is close to anorexic, she decided to stop it. As Katherine Mayfair, Dana was a wicked lady but her wise attitude when she is not in the spotlight makes her lovable by the viewers.

She also applaudsto celebrities with no issue on plastic surgeries. She named some of them like Jamie Lee Curtis who is not fond of dying her hair, in fact she never dyes her hair! She is nowhere near controversial issues and she is a healthy celeb.

Other names are Diane Keaton who refuses to go under the knife just to get the perfect flawless look. Some great actresses like Meryl Streep, ages naturally and Dana admires them as her inspiration. We can’t think of a reason why Dana admired these celebrities that insist on natural beauty when she is doing artificial things to her body. Perhaps she regretted what she did because the beauty enhancement procedure did not work out well. People suspect that she involved in surgery and people take advantage to analyze her look, criticize and make sure she falls down.

Do you think Dana Delany has the perfect look from cosmetic procedure or is she just having time to live a healthy habit? Have you compared her before and after pictures? So far, it shows signs and indications that she has fillers or botox injections. But of course, you never know unless she confessed it openly to the public.

Dana Delany MeasurementsCeleb Body Statistics :

•      Bra size: 34 C

•      Height: 5’7″ (170cm)

•      Weight: 136 pounds (62kg)

•      Shoe Size: 8

•      Dress size: 2

•      Hair Color: blonde

•      Eye Color: brown