D. Jakes Net Worth

T.D. Jakes Net Worth
How much is “T. D.” Jakes worth:

  • Full Name: Thomas Dexter “T. D.” Jakes
  • Net Worth: $18 Million
  • Occupation: Apostle/Bishop
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

D. Jakes Net Worth – The Cash Worth Of This Renowned Pastor

D. Jakes Net Worth And His Early Days

Born in West Virginia town known as South Charleston, he spent his early life attending confined Baptist churches. His early life years were more focussed on looking after his not so valid father also working in small industries to fend for a living. He got in to West Virginia University answering his inner call to join the ministry. He soon backed out took a normal job in Union carbide and later continued part-time preaching. He was renowned as a good speaker and different pastor drawing considerable crowds to church congregation. He began a radio ministry ‘The Master’s Plan’, he was recognised as minister of the most Higher Ground Assembly by Bishop Sherman Watkins and was encouraged to start another church which was in the Charleston Area. During this time he also looked into his educational ventures via correspondence from many Friends University and completed his BA and MA and D. Min in the year 1995.T. D. Jakes net worth and his early days show that he walked a different path and made it big listening to the call of his heart.

D. Jakes Net Worth And His Other Diversified Ministries In Church

T.D. Jakes PicturesHe started focussing on women’s’ spiritual needs and started Sunday school for them named “Woman and Thou Art Loosed,” and asked them to make their past the very stepping stone for a new beginning. He also began a school for men names “Manpower.” His book based on experiences on classes “Woman, Thou Art Loosed” was shared in a book which came to be the national and religious bestseller. He started with ‘Get Ready’, a television ministry aired in Black art Entertainment Television and the basic Trinity Broadcasting Network. His ministry continues to expand as did the church congregation and he spend his time through writing and publishing healing messages to newer audiences. He also started with a series of new conferences called “When Shepherds Bleed” for all ministers and their respective spouses. In 1996 he relocated to Texas; purchased Eagle’s Nest Church and renamed it The Potter’s House. He diversified his ministries for the prostitute, the abusers, the homeless, he prisoners and many literary programs. His television ministry continued and captured larger audience, his writing in ‘Woman, and Thou Art Loosed’ also continued which sold over 800,000 copies and has been made into devotional series along with a musical CD. T. D. Jakes net worth and his other diversified ministries in church shows he took unconventional ways and reached out to the needy masses. He was not a Steven Seagal or a Susan Boyle nevertheless he made his net worth rise in a different way.

D. Jakes Net Worth Increased Due To Acting And Producing Ventures

Since 1999 he used media to expand the reach of Potter’s House. He is an actor and producer better known for musical and theatrical adaptation of ‘Woman and Thou Art Loosed which even went into getting television version which reached out to billion homes and he Jakes became a recognised figure. His other works were ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day’ (2012) and ‘Get Ready: The Best of T.D. Jakes’ (2000). However it got him a lot of publicity and T. D. Jakes net worth increased due to acting and producing ventures. ‘The Storm is Over’ not only fetched him Grammy and Dove award nominations but also NAACP Image and Stellar Gospel awards for Best Gospel Album in the Contemporary genre. He also co-wrote Behind Closed Doors which was produced by Touchdown Concepts.

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D. Jakes Net Worth And Personal Life

1981, he married a women named Serita Ann Jamison who is also his present day WIFE .He has five children with her.