Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before And After
Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery – Her Looks Are Totally Changed!

Courteney Cox plastic surgery has been topic of magazine for a long time. The fifty years old actress is looking very fresh as well as young therefore there is a strong perception that she has done some surgical procedures to look more young and refresh. The renowned TV show of US, “Friends” made Cox a star. She became very popular all over the world due to the role of Monica in the show. The show was reportedly remained on screen for ten seasons that’s mean for ten years.

Courteney Cox Surgical Procedures

Courteney Cox Pictures Cox has admitted most of her surgical interventions such as botox injections and laser. But she never mentioned her lips and breast procedures. Some surgeons are of the view that her changed figure is due to the fact that she remains very conscious about her health and appearance. But with a comparison of her before and after pictures we can easily assess that changes are artificial.

Hollywood has a common trend of plastic surgery from past few years and several celebrities have gone under the surgical procedures in order to look beautiful and fresh. Celebrity plastic surgery has become a normal and routine phenomenon in entertainment industry. It also becomes irresistible for the actresses of some elder age as they have to look young and good looking as well as to remain in limelight. Courteney Cox is one of the artists who have done surgical interventions to gain a new look in a positive manner. The possible surgical procedures Cox has committed are:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Botox injection
  • Lips augmentation

If Courteney Cox is focused in her latest photos that are available online, a huge difference could be noticed especially in her face. The celeb is around fifty now and it is impossible to have a wrinkle free face at this stage. But Courteney does have a wrinkle free face even now. What you think; what would be the reason behind her young face. Of course it is surgical interventions that help the actresses stay fresh and look young for a long time. She has openly shared her views about the brilliant results of laser. She added that such tools are definitely support you in future. She admitted that she has been treated with Botox injections for several times. She told that after this procedure she feels too confident and even much better in every aspect. It is observed the time when Cox was playing the role Monica in the TV show, her breast was small. But now after looking her bikini photos you can easily judge her bigger breast and that exactly remind her breast augmentation.

When Patricia Heaton had her surgery, she openly confessed. But her pictures of before and after started circulating in media. No doubt it was a surprise for her fans. Patricia was changed in a positive manner and looked even more youthful and beautiful after the plastic procedure.

Courteney Cox Decisions Regarding Plastic Surgery

No doubt Cox had some sane decisions about her plastic surgeries like the breast augmentation was a good idea Courteney Cox photosbecause her natural boobs were too small. But after surgery they have a good impact. But other interventions do not bring anything positive in her appearance just like her procedure of botox injections. Basically going excessive with botox injections is never recommended as it turns the face into an unnatural look. When we talk about Courteney Cox plastic surgery bad impression and poor decision, its all about her cheek filler as her cheeks appears so puffy and even unrecognizable.

Though she is of fifty but she appears so young and also unnatural. In near past when she had a few botox injections as well as breast augmentation, she appeared really good and improved. But being excessive took her to bad image.

Courtney Cox MeasurementsCourteney Cox Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 35 – 24 – 34 inches
  • Bra size : 32 C
  • Height : 5’5”
  • Weight : 57 kg
  • Shoe size : 6
  • Dress size : 2 (US), 6 (UK)
  • Hair color : dark brown
  • Eye color : blue