Corey Harrison Net Worth

Corey Harrison Net Worth
How much is
Corey Harrison worth :

  • Full Name: Richard Corey Harrison
  • Net Worth: $2.5 Million
  • Occupation: Businessperson, Actor
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: American

Corey Harrison Net Worth – How The Great Businessman Made His Millions

Richard Corey Harrison is well known in the US as a great business mogul.  He has succeeded in writing his name in gold as one of the celebrities the nation has ever produced in the recent times. As at the moment, Corey Harrison net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.  This amount might look very poor when compared to the net worth of other celebrities such as Tim Cook, Sean Combs, and many others. Nevertheless, the great business man remains strikingly rich. He has made millions from his business deals.

Corey Harrison’s Source Of Wealth

Corey Harrison makes money as a businessperson.  He also makes millions of dollars from his career as an actor. He is well known as a reality star and a cast member of the “History Channel Show”. He’s also a bona-fide member of the “Pawn Stars”. He worked in the pawnshop belonging to his grandfather as a young boy.  As at the moment, he partners with his grandfather and biological father in running the Silver and Gold Pawn shop located in Las Vegas. All of these contribute to the current status of his net worth.

Early Life And Career Pursuit

Corey Harrison PicturesCorey Harrison’s interest in the business world started while he was still a kid. At a very tender age, he started working in his grandfather’s pawn shop.  He grew up with the business mentality and continued the pawn business with his father and grandfather. So far, he has been able to make millions of dollars from his involvement in the pawn business. Today, Corey Harrison alongside his grandfather and daddy runs the Silver and Gold Pawn show located in Las Vegas.

Moreover, Corey Harrison is known as an actor. He has appeared in several TV reality series hosted by the Pawn stars. Today, the TV show remains very popular. Most businesses people like watching it on regular basis. Millions of people take out time to view the episodes whenever they are aired.

Meanwhile, Corey Harrison did not arrive at the millionaire level overnight. He actually worked his way through. He’s always very mean with his business pursuit. He’s a no nonsense business person. He has several employees working under his department. He’s always very dedicated to his business duties. His ultimate desire is to become the Big Boss of the entire Pawn business network one day. So far, Corey Harrison has continued to work with his grandfather and father. Sometimes, he fails to agree with their ideas. Nevertheless, he has continued to contribute a lot to the smooth running of the business empire.Corey Harrison Photos

To boost his business career, Corey Harrison came up with a book that relates to the Pawn business.  He made lots of cash from the launch of the book.

Corey Harrison Asset And Personal Life

Corey has made money like every other celebrity out there. He owns several assets worth millions of dollars.  One of Corey Harrison’s car brands is Porsche Panamera. He also owns many other cars.Corey Harrison Photos

When it comes to personal life, Corey is still single. He’s so much focused on the Pawn business for now.

Indeed, Corey Harrison net worth is still on the increase. The famous business mogul is still waxing stronger by the day. He’s indeed a star to watch in the American business industry.