Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before And After
Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery – The Truth About The Matter

Clay Aiken, the award winning American singer is well known for his expertise on the stage. He’s currently among the male celebrities that have issues relating to plastic surgery. Right now, the issue of Clay Aiken plastic surgery is no longer a rumor since the singer has already admitted he did it. This makes him a responsible fellow by every standard.

Possible Cases Of Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

Clay Aiken PicturesUnlike Christine Baranski, Chelsea Handler and other female celebrities who have continued to deny their cases of plastic surgery, Clay Aiken remains open about his.  The traces of plastic surgery are noticeable on his face. He had a unique face lift. When you take a look at his current photos, you’ll notice his face is quite full.

Again, a close look at his recent photos reveals changes on his nose. Clay Aiken had a nose job that upgraded his nose. So far, Clay Aiken has never denied having a facelift. He has made it clear to his fans and the public on several occasions.

However, a look at his skin reveals some changes. It’s quite clear Clay must have had plastic surgery on his entire skin. So far, he has not released any statement with regard to this. He has continued to keep his fans guessing about that.

The Reason For Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

Clay Aiken PhotosCelebrities who go through plastic surgeries have their reasons for doing so.  For most ladies, they simply want to look younger and elegant. What about men? Why do some male celebrities undergo plastic surgery processes? This question applies to Clay Aiken right here.

So far, the famous singer has made his reasons known to the public. He maintains that plastic surgery was carried out on his face since he wanted some fat cleared from his chin area. He also said the surgery was carried out to deal with his persistent TMJ disorder which inflicts so much pain between his jaw and skull.

When it comes to Clay Aiken nose job, there are no reasons given.  So far, Clay has not made any statement about the nose job issue. He only admits he had a face lift.

Critics’ Stand On The Matter

Despite his explanations, some critics still take the opposite direction when judging Clay Aiken plastic surgery case. Most of the critics are not satisfied with the reasons he gave.  They believe the singer simply underwent the plastic surgery just to enhance his facial appearance.  For them, Clay’s reasons are not tenable. He’s simply covering up the obvious.

Clay Aiken Photos

In any case, Clay Aiken ought to be hailed for admitting he had a plastic surgery in first instance. He has been very open about the case despite his defense. The famous singer is still moving on with his career. He’s set to record new feats in the near future.