Chris Rock Net Worth

Chris Rock Net Worth
How much Is Chris Rock worth?

  • Full Name: Christopher Julius Rock III
  • Net Worth: $70 Million
  • Occupation: comedian, actor, screenwriter, television and film producer, vocie actor, film director, presenter
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: black

Chris Rock Net Worth – Shows Just How Far Talent And Comedy Can Really Take You

Chris rock was born in the year 1965 in Andrews. He is a popular American actor, comedian and screenwriter. His net worth stands at 70 million dollars. Though he was born in South Carolina, he was raised in New York, specifically Brooklyn.

Chris Rock’s Fame In Comedy And His Recognitions

Comedy central has chosen Chris rock as 5th in the list of the greatest standup comedians. He has been able to bag 4 Emmys for the comedy specials as well as 3 Grammys for the comedy albums. The start of his career was at “catch a rising star”, a very famous comedy club within New York.

Chris Rock Pictures He became quite popular in New York in the standup circuit before he was exposed at a national level. In the year 1990, Chris rock joined Saturday night live and in the year 1991, he was able to release a comedy album titled born suspect. He left Saturday night live after two years and joined the rival, living in color. In the year 1994, he premiered the first AHBO special called big ass jokes. Its follow up titled bring the pain which showed in the mid 90’s earned him great reputation and two Emmy awards. He became one of the most popular comedians in the USA.

The great success that followed him landed him roles in films such as the longest yard, Beverly Hills ninja and dogma. He was the executive producer in the semi-autobiographical and Emmy award winning TV series titled everybody hates Chris.

In the year 1996, Chris Rock wife, Malaak Compton, came into the picture when they got married. Together they have two daughters. They live in alpine which is in New Jersey.

Where Does His Wealth Come From?

Chris Rock Photos His prominence came in the 90’s and his fame grows with him. He is a producer, actor, screenwriter and comedian and all these combined give Chris Rock the standing he has today. He has had a lot of projects and has had many roles as an actor too. The most recent films where he can be seen include death at a funeral, two days in New York, grownups, what to expect when you are expecting, grownups 2, Madagascar 3: Europe’s most wanted. He appeared in finally famous where he served as the writer and director. He has had different appearances on TV shows too.

Another way in which he has been able to make money is by releasing albums. He is one of the most notable African Americans today and one of the most admirable comedians in his own right. Chris Rock wife is also a quite notable figure since they have been able to stay married for close to two decades now. It is something to admire since many celebrities do not make it this far.

Chris Rock brothers include tony, Kenny, Brian, Jordan, and Charles rock.

Other Notable Celebrities

Chris Rock Photos There are many celebrities who have been able to re-invest their fortunes so as to maintain their empires. Snooki is one of them. She is one of the most popular TV personalities with a 4 million dollar net worth and seems to be headed in the right direction. She also stands as one of the few celebrities who have married without prenuptial agreements.

Sylvester Stallone is also a very impressive personality. He has been able to stay significant for years now and he still ticks today in his sixties. He has a vast empire and is one of the most admirable action stars that we have today.

What’s your take? Is Chris rock as popular and rich as he should be? Do you think that this man will be able to retain his fortune and even increase it further?

Chris Rock  Body Statistics:

  • Chris Rock Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements:
  • Bra size: n/a
  • Height: 5 ft 10
  • Weight: 74 kgs
  • Shoe Size: 11 US
  • Dress size: n/a
  • Hair Color: dark brown
  • Eye Color: dark brown