Chris Bosh Net Worth

Chris Bosh Net Worth
How much is Chris Bosh worth:

  • Full Name: Christopher Wesson Bosh
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Basketball player
  • Marital Status: Married to Adrienne Bosh
  • Ethnicity: African American

Chris Bosh Net Worth – How Rich Is The American NBA Player?

Chris Bosh net worth is around 50 million dollars. Most of his money can be attributed to his earnings as a basketball player. During his career time, Chris Bosh has played for big teams including Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors.  Besides his career increasing his net worth, Bosh has also received a couple of awards and gained much popularity across the globe. So, how did the basketball player make his money? It would be best, if we find out together.

Chris Bosh Career In Basketball

Chris was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas in 1984. He is a professional basketball player, who has come a long way. He started his career in basketball, back when he was in high school. He was even dubbed “Mr. Basketball”, because of his prowess in the game. It was not long since, he left college to participate in the 2003, NBA Draft. This is when he began his career officially.

Owing to his exemplary skills in basketball, Toronto Raptors ranked Chris Bosh fourth position in the Draft. The team became the first team of the NBA he played for. Apart from making him very famous, it also added his net worth significantly. More opportunities and winnings came. He was able to garner the award of All Star basketball player for eight times.

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During the season of 2006 to 2007, Chris made history. He managed to get his team, Toronto Raptors, to the playoff games of the NBA. This had never been done in a period of past five years. At the same time, the team won the division title.  When playing for Toronto Raptors, he was popular for scoring points, rebounds, doubles doubles and free throws among others.  In 2010, Chris got an opportunity to play with Miami Heat. The deal was massive and it amounted to 110 million dollars.  However, Lebron James also joined the team at the same time and both received the same amount of money. He had not stayed long in Miami Heat, before he won the NBA title. He plays together with Chris Andersen among other prominent players.

Chris Bosh Outside The Basketball Court

Chris Bosh is now married to Adrienne Bosh. When Chris Bosh wife was expectant, he would flaunt her to the public. He managed to lure people to believe that he had changed, after a court battle, he had with his ex-girlfriend Allis Mathis, who also have his child. It is said that he pays $14.4 million yearly.

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Now you know how much money, Chris Bosh has.