Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before And After
Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery – The Truth About The Comedian’s Involvement In Cosmetic Surgery

The famous American comedian is known for her expertise on stage. For quite some time now, there are gossips making rounds about her involvement in plastic surgery.  Fans across the US have continued to discuss about Chelsea Handler plastic surgery from time to time. Despite the rumors and gossips, the comedian has maintained she never had any plastic surgery. She makes valid statements in support of this on her Twitter handle and Instagram page.

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Noticed On Her Photos

A critical look at her current pictures reveals some evidence about plastic surgery. Some fans believe she had breast enhancement. This can be seen by the way she displays her booms. She tries to show people how natural her breasts have been. Yet, many still believe her breasts look quite artificial in appearance.  To refute the allegation, Chelsea Handler keeps showing off her boobs on social media network. But the more she displays her boobs, the more people claim she had a breast enhancement at some point in her career.  Just like Candace Cameron, the famous Comedian has continued to deny the obvious.Chelsea Handler Pictures

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Claims

Chelsea Handler PhotosDespite her continual refusal to admit the truth about the plastic surgery, many fans still believe the comedian has gone under the knife.  Many people still claim she had a boob job like Carrie Underwood and other female celebrities.

So far, Chelsea Handler is no longer a young celebrity. She’s already aging but her body keeps looking younger. When you take a look at the semi nude photos on her social media pages, you can easily conclude she must have had some kind of plastic surgery on her body.  Breast lift seems to be very obvious although she keeps denying it.

Moreover, Chelsea Handler present looks is completely different from the way she has been looking in her older pictures. She has changed mysteriously. This also points to the fact that she must have had plastic surgery at some point in her career. To refute the claims the more, Chelsea has continued to post more half nude photos on her Instgram page. Despite that, many of her fans still believe she did plastic surgery at one point or the other.

So far, many people wonder why Chelsea Handler has continued to deny the truth about her plastic surgery case. This is not a surprise since many female celebrities often fail to admit the truth about their plastic surgery cases. Some of them prefer to remain mute about the issue. Others attack their critics by maintaining their stand on natural beauty.  Only very few female celebrities have been able to admit they had plastic surgery at some point in their careers.Chelsea Handler Photos

In any case, the truth remains that plastic surgery is often frowned at by most people across the globe. It often comes with grave dangers and risks. It’s also very expensive. This may be the reason why Chelsea Handler and other celebrities keep denying they had plastic surgeries.  Up till now, Chelsea Handler plastic surgery remains a subject of gossip and rumor among fans. The truth may still come out sometime in the future.