Chamillionaire Net Worth

Chamillionaire Net Worth
How much is Chamillionaire worth:

  • Full Name: Hakeem Seriki
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: African American

How Much Is Chamillionaire Net Worth?

Chamillionaire net worth amounts to 15 million dollars. He is a rapper and an entrepreneur. He is the Chamillitary Entertainment’s CEO. Besides, he is the founder and a core member of the music group The Color Changin’ Click. The other founder was Paul Wall and the group included rappers such as Rasaq Chamillioanaire brother, Lew Hawk, 50/50 Twin and Yung Ro. His earnings from his own music, the group’s earnings and the ones from the entertainment business, are the core sources of Chamillionaire net worth.

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Chamillionaire was born and raised up in Washington D.C. The mother was a Christian whereas the father was a Muslim from Nigeria, Africa.  Being a religious family, rap music was the last thing Chamillionaire parents wanted to hear from his lips.  His childhood was not all smooth, even if today he is a multimillionaire. He had to survive in a very challenging neighborhood, in Houston. The location influenced him to venture into rap music. As a teenager in his free time, he used to listen from tracks produced by The Geto Boys, 8 Ball & MJK and UGK. If you are keen, you may have noticed that his style of rap, takes a lot from the aforementioned rap music groups.

Before we delve further on his music career, first learn about his stage name. If it bothers you, just know that you are not alone. However, Chamillionaire means nothing much, it is just a conglomerate of two words chameleon and millionaire. He began his career life with his friend Paul Wall. He is a popular rapper, today working with Swishahouse Records. While these two started at the same time, Chamillionaire is worth much more than Paul, who his estimated net worth, is 2.5 million dollars.

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Their first album was released in 2002. This was after they were able to coax Michael Watts, the CEO and the founder of Swishahouse. The album, Get Ya Mind Correct, did not manage to capture the attention of many people but back home in Houston its aura spread like a forest fire. It was able to sell over 150 thousand copies. He started performing on his own mid 2000s, with his debut album Sound of Revenge. It became number ten on the Billboard 200 and was able to sell around 130 copies within a week of its release. It also got a platinum certification from RIAA and augmented his net worth too. The video of one of its singles “Ridin”, earned him the MTV Music Video Award in the year 2006.

In 2007, he released the second album titled, the Ultimate Victory. It did not garner him any reward but still it sold 500 copies. His third album is called Venom but Chamillionaire is yet to launch it. Besides music, he is also a businessperson and co-owns Fly Rydes, which is automobile dealer. He also owns a tour bus company as well as Chamillitary Entertainment.

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About his personal life, Chamillionaire has been able to hide that part of him except for the fact that he supports Los Angeles Lakers, in spite of him coming from Texas.

That is Chamillionaires net worth.