Catwoman Plastic Surgery

catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After
Catwoman Plastic Surgery – The Disaster That Everyone Should Notice

Jocelyn Wildenstein or popularly known as Catwoman is a happy yet strange socialite in New York City. The Switzerland born lady is in her 73 years of age today and she married the rich gentleman, Alec Wildenstein. She got divorced and managed to get a whole sum of money like millions of Dollars. She spent the money on food, phone bills, and leisures. For years, she had been the media attention with the Catwoman plastic surgery that she did. It is a disaster at some point but this woman apparently did not reckon it that way. She made the weird look and unbelievably transforms herself to the cat creature. Well, it’s hard to describe insanity these days.

The Story Of Jocelyn Wildenstein And Her Love Of Plastic Surgery

Catwoman Pictures For a few years, Jocelyn Wildenstein started her passion in crafting her look to please her husband. The huge lover has that strange chemistry that apparently get her to change the way she look, in an extreme way. Jocelyn loves cats. Her look is hugely inspired by the animals. When she came up to the surgeon, she wanted to look like a cat she knew in France. The surgeon indeed, was surprised by the request. It ruined her look and she did not even look like a human. The crazy surgeries went on wild because she spent more than $4,000,000 to get that cat woman look. The look that ruined her face.

Here’s The List Of Jocelyn’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

The Cat lady plastic surgery procedures made everybody shocks. She practically did a disaster on her face. There are various evidence that when you look at them you would agree to the fact that she had done ‘terrible’ things to her face.

Her lips are wider

  • Breast augmentation

She increases the level of her breast size

  • Botox injections

It increases her skin thickness

  • Face lift

It changes her facial texture as it is overdone

  • Cheek surgery

The cheeks begin to resemble cat

  • Chin surgery

Her chin looks pointier

The lists are the visible spots you will notice when you compare her recent photos with the older version of her. Apparently, she spent that huge amount of money just to look weird. The surgery took longer like years and the procedure is now visible and looking permanent.

Her Transformation From A Woman To A Cat

The procedure was meant to please her husband although we just don’t have a clue if her husband would love the idea of her cat face. But it left a sad story and a visible scar that she is now the scariest woman in the whole universe.
Seeing her picture really makes you think that she is a sick woman. She was a normal woman in her seventies and now she transforms herself into a strange looking cat that could stare and scare you at the same time. So long that natural beauty and welcome the beast.

Plastic Surgery That Really Went Wrong

There are obviously different types of cosmetic surgeries and some of them are performed yet well succeeded. However, some people think out of the box and did the Catwoman plastic surgery that makes look even worse. You can Google her pictures and you will find lots of her pretty faces before she changes her look completely. At some point, she looks incredibly ugly that you might not want to stare for too long. Perhaps she really has nothing to do with her money so she transforms her look in so many ways that is scary. There are some celebrities who did the cosmetic surgeries and failed. Pete Burns and Barry Manilow can really join the team with their unnatural look. Michaela Romanini is an Italian socialite with the failed cosmetic procedure. They did have one thing similar that is disaster.

So, what do you think about these type of surgeries? Why did she even want herself to look like animal when all of us want to be prettier?catwoman Plastic Surgery