Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before And After
Carrot Top Plastic Surgery – The Ugly Looking Boy That Said He Is Just ‘Different’

The Limelight Of Carrot Top Look

Carrot Top Pictures Carrot Top before plastic surgery shows a different, different face. the significant changes dramatically remover his old face and changed it into rather weird looking one. He is one the funniest man in America and he never fails to entertain his audience with his straight humors and jokes about himself. He appears like a geek in every show and he becomes just as popular as Joan Rivers because of that. Trying to keep the attention to him, Carrot Top changes his look with the help of surgery knife. Now, people really make jokes out of his face. Apart from his good sense of humor, Carrot Top took the stage brilliantly with parodies and comedies. He keeps his show alive by getting every topic for his jokes, at the right time.

In 1995, he decided to go under the knife to make alteration on his face. Plastic surgery is getting popular among male celebs these days. Stars like Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers went to the surgery table just to find out that their face look even weirder than before! The same thing goes to Carrot Top. Everybody was surprised by his new appearance. Apparently, not everybody loves his face as much as they love his jokes.

Carrot Top’s Drastic (And Dramatic) Change

Carrot Top Photos No, he has not lost his sense of humor, but probably Carrot has lost his mind. People think that way because of the fact that the surgery did not go quite well for him. It is either it was unsuccessful, or he was just trying to make jokes of his face. Scott Thompson aka Carrot Top is not the same person anymore. Carrot Top plastic surgery before and after shows that there must be more than twice facelifts. The skin is too tight and his face seems to be streched too far. He is lacking of natural expression almost like as if he was wearing a mask. People find it horrible but as usual, he managed to ditch the comments and make fun of them as if nothing weird actually happened.

Carrot Top And Steroid Abuse

Carrot Top Photos He doesn’t consider himself as less fortunate with that face although people look at him and directly know he has abused steroids for too much. He has refine torso, legs and abs. He looks bulky but then he still lifts weights. The dramatic change on his face plus that body building posture does not really match.

It is a common thing to have steroid and inject botox for Hollywood celebs. Carrot makes them both too much on his own. Who would have thought that this brilliant man would do that far to be weird.

The Worse Face Of Carrot Top

Carrot Top MeasurementsWe can’t say that he is ugly but we can’t deny he is neither handsome. This is one of plastic surgery gone wrong news that have been widely spread across America. People don’t have enough confident with their look so they go and make changes. And that’s kind of sad thing!

This boogeyman here is lack of self esteem that he apparently has to make over his face in this way. He does not want to get old for sure but he forgets that he can’t just make random changes on his own. This is one of the negative consequences of having plastic surgeries. Even the best surgeon could not accommodate you to have that beauty looking gorgeous face if you ask too much of it. But then, how much is too much for a Hollywood star?

It is an unfortunate event to look Carrot the way he is now. For no good reason, he has eliminated his handsome face and changed it into scarecrow. He does not look attractive I suppose? What do you think of his plastic surgeries? And which male celebrities have done the same blunder like him? What makes Carrot go this far to change his look? Leave your comment!