Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before And After
Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery – Procedures Were Never A Secret

Carol Burnett is a comedian, actress, writer, singer, and dancer from the United States. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1933. Her childhood was not so happy, because both of her parents had drinking problem, and they divorced in 1930’. She lived with her grandmother. When she went to college she discovered comedy and acting in general, and she started performing in New York City clubs. Several years later, Carol had a major breakthrough on Broadway. After Broadway, she had a debut in television as well. In her very reach career, she was equally good and respected on TV, stage, and film. She was married the times. Carol is best known for the CBS television show called The Carol Burnett Show. Carol received many awards and recognitions for her extraordinary career, and she also got her own star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. During her very long acting career, Carol Burnett plastic surgery procedure rumors were always confirmed by the actress. Unlike many other Hollywood stars, this classy lady never tried to hide it.

What Plastic Surgeries Carol Burnett Had?

Carol Burnett Pictures Though the years, Carol Burnett had several plastic surgery procedures. When she was really young, she was very unhappy with her chin, and chin made her feel unsecure. She wanted to change that, and chin procedure was one of the first she had. When you look at Carol Burnett, you will noticed that there is no wrinkles on her face, and no hanging skin on her neck. Even though this talented comedian and actress is in her eighties, it would be normal for her to have wrinkles, her face looks very youthful.  Of course, that would not be possible without various plastic surgery procedures. If you take a closer look at Carol Burnett plastic surgery before and after photos you will notice the change, because it is obvious. The list of procedures is not short, but every surgery was properly done. She had:

  • Carol Burnett Photos Chin procedure
  • Facelift
  • Botox injections
  • Collagen injections

These are some of the procedures Carol Burnett had. With chin procedure, she finally got the chin she always wanted to have. When you take a look at her skin, you will see that she has no wrinkles. Thanks to Carol Burnett facelift procedure, her skin seems so smooth and youthful. For Hollywood celebrities, Collagen and Botox injections became completely normal things. For most of them, looking amazing definitely is one of the most important things, sometimes, even more important than talent. Show business is an industry in which you have to give your best to look really good. If not, someone else will come, and replace you.

Carol Burnett Always Spoke Honestly About Plastic Surgery Procedures She Had

Carol Burnett Photos One of the strangest things about many celebrities in Hollywood is the fact that they will deny plastic surgery procedures, even if the results are more than obvious. They probably do feel ashamed because they went under the knife for looks improvements. However, that was not the case with Carol Burnett. She always speak honestly about all the procedures she had, and that was never a secret. She really looks at least a decade younger. Many of her female colleagues from Hollywood did the same thing to look nice in the old age. That is the case with Julie Andrews as well. She looks very nice, classy, and younger than she actually is, thanks to the plastic surgery procedures she had.

Carol Burnett Said That She Is Done With Plastic Surgeries

Carol Burnett MeasurementsEven though Carol had several plastic surgery procedures during her very long acting career, she stated that she is done with it. She thinks that it would be ridiculous to have more surgeries in the future, because she is in her eighties, and she won’t try to look younger anymore. However, plastic surgery procedures done on her change her looks, and made her look very nice.

What do you think about Carol Burnett and all those plastic surgeries she had? Did she improved her looks? Do you think she looks younger than she actually is?