Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery – Is Not One Of The Best Plastic Surgeries Ever

Another Celebrity Having Bad Experience Caused By Plastic Surgery

As the star herself admitted that she has undergone the knife, Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery is not a rumor anymore. In the new lifestyle guide called “The Body Book”, the beautiful actress talks about some topics of interest, including acne, pubic hair and going under the knife. More than just admitting that she has used Botox, the beautiful actress confirmed that she regrets having it. She said that she used Botox after she had a bad reaction to the plastic surgery, but she ended in regretting the decision of using Botox, as well.

Cameron Diaz Pictures Cameron Diaz, who was born on August 30, 1972, is famous for being an American actress and also a former model. Although she is one of the actresses admired for her natural beauty, she is at the same time one of those actresses who have actually tried to improve their appearance by undergoing certain plastic surgery procedures. What is worse in her case is that her plastic surgery did not go too well and even the actress herself claims to be disappointed by the results.

In her lifestyle guide, Cameron Diaz says that she regrets doing Botox, as it only made her face look weird and she claims that she would rather prefer aging naturally. She added that the way that her face looked after Botox made her think that the face was not even hers anymore.

The use of Botox in her case occurred as a result of a past bad plastic surgery on her face. Only a few years ago, it was rumored that the beautiful actress has undergone a facelift, cheek implants and nose job. However, in her new book, she says that she only used Botox for a while, but can anyone be sure about this being the whole truth? So, what do you think, did Cameron Diaz have plastic surgery, or she only had Botox?

Other Plastic Surgery Procedures Of The Star

Cameron Diaz Photos While many people wonder whether did Cameron Diaz have plastic surgery or not, there are some who consider that the before and after photos are relevant enough to answer to this question. One of the possible plastic surgery procedures that she is believed to have undergone is breasts implants. When asked about such procedure, she denied ever having had any breasts implants and even said that she would never let herself get under the knife for such procedure. What do you think, was she telling the truth or not?

In the contrary to the boobs job, which still remains a mystery in her case, Cameron Diaz nose job is a fact, not a rumor, as long as the actress herself admits having undergone it. However, she added that she had this procedure to correct a damage that she suffered after an accident at surf. Not only she confirmed this procedure, but the Cameron Diaz nose job was also confirmed by Dr. Anthony Youn, who is a celebrity plastic surgeon. He said that it was actually a septum repair, meant to build a straighter nose and to restore breathing.

Other Star Having Undergone Bad Plastic Surgery

Do you think that having money can actually buy beauty and happiness? Well, you need to know that Cameron Diaz is not the only celebrity who was disappointed after using Botox, as Courteney Cox is just one of the other celebrities who were – at least at a certain point – disappointed by Botox. Although she admitted that she uses Botox sometimes, she said that at a time, she abused it, until she felt her face weird and expressionless. Now she claims that she only uses it from time to time, to make her face appear younger. But after all, who knows, right?


Cameron Diaz Photos The question that remains partially unanswered is did Cameron Diaz have plastic surgery? While she definitely admitted having used Botox and having undergone Cameron Diaz nose job, she has never confirmed the breasts implants, which are one of the plastic surgeries that are rumored to have been done on her body. People make their thoughts regarding her breasts job as a result of before and after photos, which show some drastic changes in her appearance. As in what regards Cameron Diaz nose job, she actually only half-admitted it, as she said it was done for medical purposes, not for cosmetic purposes. So, what do you think about this?

Cameron Diaz Measurements

Cameron Diaz Body Statistics :

  • Measurements : 87-58.5-89 cm
  • Bra size : 32B
  • Height : 175 cm
  • Weight : 58 kg
  • Shoe Size : 9
  • Dress size : 4
  • Hair Color : Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue