Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After
Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery – Suffered Bad Impacts Of Surgeries

Bruce Jenner’s journey starts as an Olympic gold medalist and afterwards he became a successful television star. He had been a lucky guy to achieve what he wanted except his plastic surgeries that have gone so wrong. Bruce Jenner plastic surgeries started in 1980’s with his nose job, later jaw line procedure, face lifting and tons of other surgeries were done. Unfortunately none of procedures go well.

Bruce Jenner Surgery Details

Bruce Jenner Pictures The process of surgeries of Bruce started in 1980’s when he started working in TV. He had simple but great looks. But he was not satisfied with his looks and planned to get under the knife to have a nose job. Besides nose job, he also managed to go for face lifting. As this surgery was not done correctly in 2009 so he decided to correct his mistakes by doing the interventions again. Second time he again planned to undergo the nose job as well as face lifting because they were failed to satisfy the celeb. Unfortunately the plastic surgeries went worse once again. It happened a blunder that ruined the appearance of the star.

Difference, Before And The Surgery

Bruce Jenner Photos Bruce Jenner before and after plastic surgery pictures show a huge difference of facial features. Bruce jaw line was loose to some extent which now has become tighter due to botched up surgery. The shape of nose also changed from a round to somewhat more pointed one. His skin started wrinkling as a side effect of plastic surgery. Adam apple and cool neck line also got sank in wrinkles which was clearly visible from his movements. The chin area which was very plain and round before the surgical interventions became a little bit rough after the plastic surgery.

Bruce Jenner Lost His Boyish Image After The Surgery

Bruce Jenner Photos Images of Bruce Jenner plastic surgery before and after the procedure were discussed a lot. It was the time when the star was famous for his surgical procedures than his acting and performance. The appearance he had once in 1972 and 1976 Olympics are no more. He lost his charming looks after the procedure of face-lift. He had missed the cute charm he possessed even as a successful TV star. He got older early than his natural age. At the age of 65, his face was full of wrinkles and the reason was not his age but the side effect of excessive surgical procedures. It has been observed whenever a celebrity is asked about the experience of plastic surgery; they used to tell that they were more charming in late 70s than today after the surgery.

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery has also been discussed by the public and media for a long time.  Excitement, curiosity and eagerness to discover the celebrities is not a strange thing. People want to know more about their favorite stars especially when it comes to the rumors of plastic surgery.

Views Of Experts Regarding His Plastic Procedures

Bruce Jenner MeasurementsThe most expert surgeons are of the view that he should not undergone for such surgeries. There may be some other ways to him look gorgeous in spite of so many plastic surgeries. It has also been told that while deciding the surgical interventions, Bruce Jenner did not consult any competent and expert surgeon and planned to go on his own. Even after suffering from worst plastic surgery Bruce Jenner that he had planned for a fresh young look, he decided to make it improved again by plastic procedures. This is what everybody called a poor decision. One more mistake committed by Bruce was undergoing several surgeries at the same time. It is suggested that he should go for changing the parts one by one to make them adjust according to the climate and environment. It is also said his demands looks the same as Michael Jackson. The psychologists are of the view that such mishandled plastic surgeries always have a bad impact on the psychological behavior of the man being treated. They added that it also shakes the confidence of the person when he moves in the society.