Bruce Jenner Net Worth

Bruce Jenner Net Worth
How much is Bruce Jenner worth:

  • Full Name: William Bruce jenner
  • Net Worth: $100 Million
  • Occupation: olympian, TV personality
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: white

Bruce Jenner Net Worth – Being Closely Watched By Many Around The World

The man has undergone some notable transformations but how much is Bruce Jenner worth?

The Predicaments And Rumors Around Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Pictures He is a former Olympic decathlon and has been hitting headlines lately. He has some realty controversial predicaments surrounding him in the present day. Net worth of Bruce Jenner has been under close watch so as to determine whether the rumors have affected him financially. Rumor has it that Bruce Jenner has had gender transition. He was also involved in a vehicle mishap where one person lost his life.

It is this accident that has him on the news again after two adults and five children being injured while a woman died. People are really watching his net worth to see whether all this will affect him. In 1976, Bruce Jenner became popular after winning a gold medal in the summer Olympics in Montreal. He was able to build his net worth in the sports arena and became a name to reckon with. After sports, he went to Hollywood and here, he did very well and his net worth kept on growing.

Bruce And Kris And Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Bruce star rose even higher after he joined television. After he married Kris Jenner, his net worth took off even further. He made an appearance in keeping up with the Kardashians acting as the step father to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and a real dad to Kylie and Kendall. The program led him to live a very controversial life. His life became public. In 2013, Kris and Jenner decided that they should part ways and thus the interest on his net worth grew even further.

The gender transition rumor is burning hot and people are making many speculations on the effect it will have on his net worth.

Bruce Jenner’s Children

Bruce Jenner Photos Bruce Jenner is not entertaining the speculations and wants the chance to be able to tell his own story on his own terms. The impending revelations are in no way a mode of making money as there is no basis to this.

Bruce Jenner kids are from three marriages. After he married Kris in 91, they had two daughters, Kylie and Kendall. Before this, he was married to Christy Crownover and he had a son Burt and a daughter, Casey.  He was also married to Linda Thompson and they have two sons, Brody and Brandon Jenner.

Are you for the opinion that this man’s net worth will be affected by all the rumors around him? Do you think he will be able to tell his story truthfully if given the chance to do so?

Bruce Jenner And Plastic Surgery Rumors

Bruce Jenner Photos Bruce Jenner plastic surgery adds to the list of rumors about him. He has obviously had lip augmentation that looks really unnatural. In makes, the fillers should be used sparingly so as to look natural. He also looks really bad below the neck and his saggy and droopy burgeoning breast are apparent. One clearly appears to be bigger than the other. He would look even weirder if he were to wear something tight.

Do you think Bruce looks different? There are those who claim that he looks like a woman, what’s your take on this?

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Do you feel Bruce Jenner fits in the category of richest celebrities?

Bruce Jenner Body Statistics:

  • Bruce Jenner Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements:
  • Bra Size: /A
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 194 lbs.
  • Shoe Size: N/A
  • Dress Size: /A
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color: