Brian Williams Net Worth

Brian Williams Net Worth
How much is Brian Williams worth:

  • Full Name: Brian Douglas Williams
  • Net Worth: $40 Million
  • Occupation: Journalist and Editor
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Brian Williams Net Worth – Richman And A TV News Anchor

As A Broadcaster And NBC Nightly News Anchor And Rich Personality

Williams’ name is well-known in broadcasting.  It all started as his calling brought him to KOAM – TV in Pittsburgh Kansas.  Alongside with this, he had received awards and recognitions pertaining to his expertise in the said field. He also delivered the National Weekends Nightly News as head newscaster.  His career had another turning point upon being a substitute anchor with Tom Brokaw in Nightly News.

Everything continued smoothly.  In fact, the highlights of his accomplishment report was way back in 2004 as he showed the nation an excellent live coverage on what happened during and after the Tsunami in Asia and Hurricane Katrina as he arrived there just before the incident.   The whole world watched how he lent his hand to the victims and questioned the countries’ officials for their late response and how they became deaf to the pleas of their people.  His sympathy and true dedication widely spread. The whole Nation admired Williams’ courage in voicing and facing the real situation and let the world feel the same grieve, lost, hunger and hopelessness in the eyes of devastation.

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Immediately after this, he received a Peabody Award.  Then, Time Magazine announced him as one of the influential personality in the Universe.   In 2013 and 2014, he received another recognition which was the Emmy Award.

Brian Williams House is 3,448 sq ft home. He bought it for $750K. It is a mansion in the middle of the forest in Connecticut.

Behind His Suspension

There would always a time in the life of everyone where we experience some humps and difficulties especially controversies that struck at strand.   This also happened to Williams for he received six months suspension without any salary due to some inconsistencies or shall we say “lies” in his reports as displayed on his encounter in Iraq back in 2003. He said in a Nightly News Broadcast that a military helicopter voyaging constrained down in the wake of being hit by RPG but Reynold denied it, one of the pilots on board. The network’s discipline for his on-air lies added up to $6.5 million, a large portion of his $13 million yearly pay.

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Making His Own Stories Out Of Incidents

Greater issues arose in the irregularities of his reports on hurricane Katrina in New Orleans Superdome where he stated that he witnessed how a man, who jumped from a high building, committed suicide. But going back in his documentaries in 2015, he said that he just heard of the said incident.  This has not been the first time that he received complaints about the lies and inconsistencies on his reports.

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His Childhood Life

An important chapter in the life of Dorothy May, a stage actress and Gordon Lewis Williams, an executive Vice President of NRMA in New York was the birth of Brian Williams on May 5, 1959.  William stayed in Elmira for ten years then moved to Midltown, New Jersey during his Junior High School Days.

His Married Life

A significant stage in his life occurred when he married Jane Gillian Williams on June 7, 1986 and lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with her.  Their daughter, Allison became a TV personality who finished the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Bates College in 2005 while their son Brian Williams became a professional car racing.  In 1996, the National Father’s Day Committee awarded him as “Father of the Year”, an appreciation for his father role in life.

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