Brandy Net Worth

Brandy Net Worth
How much is
Brandy worth :

  • Full Name: Brandy Rayana Norwood
  • Net Worth: $12 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, Film Producer, Record Producer, Songwriter, Actor, Singer-Songwriter, Rapper, Television Producer, Dancer, Model
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: African American

Brandy Net Worth – The Cash Value Of A Renowned Singer And Songwriter

Her full name is Brandy Rayana Norwood but she’s widely known as “Brandy” in the American music industry. She remains a popular singer, songwriter and actress who has carved a niche for herself. Currently, Brandy net worth is estimated to be up to $12 million. She didn’t arrive at this point overnight. She worked her way through a successful career in the American music industry.

Brandy’s Source Of Wealth

Brandy is multi-talented. She makes most of her millions as a singer. She has released several albums to her credit. She also makes money as a songwriter. Furthermore, she is well known as an actress. She has appeared in well known American films. She’s equally a film/record producer, Television producer, Model and a dancer. All of these contribute to the current level of Brandy net worth.

Early Life And Career Pursuit

Brandy PicturesBrandy was born in 1979 there in Mississippi. She hails from a huge family made up of great singers, songwriters and musicians. Her paternal and maternal lineages were very much involved in music.  Hence, it was not surprising to see Brandy becoming a musician. Her grand-parents were great gospel musicians. Her parents and siblings were also involved in music.

Brandy started showing great sings of becoming a musician when she was still 2 years of age. She sang at her local church. At age 7, she began to appear on stage even while in school.

To boost her music talent, Brandy’s parents enrolled her in the Hollywood High Performing Arts Center. She got well trained and subsequently became a well known singer.

Brandy released her very first album in 1994 at age 15. This singular album brought her into limelight. It made it to the top of the US Billboard 200. She also got several recognitions and awards. Brandy net worth started increasing from that point.

Again, Brandy came up with a single titled “Baby” and some other singles. She got several awards from various recording firms as a result of the uniqueness of the singles. Most of her albums sold millions of copies across the US and beyond. Her net worth skyrocketed as a result.

Brandy Photos

In 2002, Brandy came up with another album titled “Full Moon”. This one also sold millions of copies. So far, the lady of the moment has come up with 3 extra studio albums.  She is into film and record production. She is also a songwriter, TV producer, and Dancer.  She is also well known as an actress and model. All of these contribute to the ever increasing Brandy net worth.

Brandy Assets And Personal Life

Just like Ashanti, Alicia Keys and other female celebrities, Brandy has written her name in gold. She has made millions of dollars. She has great assets worth millions of dollars. Brandy’s car brand is the 2007 Land Rover. she also has other car brands and equally owns houses.Brandy Photos

When it comes to personal life, Brandy is still single. She has been involved in past relationship but she’s not yet hooked up to any man.

Indeed, Brandy net worth is increasing by the day. The renowned singer is not retiring yet. She’s still waxing stronger by the day.