Blake Lively Plastic Surgery

blake lively Plastic Surgery Before and After
Blake Lively Plastic Surgery – Freshens Her Look And Gains Her Confident

Born in Tarzana, Blake Lively was a next door girl before she starred Gossip Girl. She played several roles in big screen but not until that ‘bitchy’ friend in Gossip Girl that put her to her fame. Serena lived a life of every girl’s dream – pretty, rich and famous. Perhaps, that’s how Blake is similar to her role today. Appearing in some of big movies like Savages and Sisterhood of Travelling Pants; Blake started her career at a very young age. She was 11 when she played her first role in Sandman which her Dad in the Director’s chair. Her exceptional figure got her that beautiful women’s roles and the Gossip Girl landed her in the arm of Penn Badgeley. But it was not long after he met Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern that the two finally got married in 2012. Back then, Ryan was still with Scarlet Johansson and got divorced in the same year.,

The couple lives a happy life in Bedford and Blake Lively plastic surgery procedures began to arise until the paparazzi has nothing to tell about. She couldn’t leave the media attention to her because everybody actually notices the changes on her look. It was quite different back then.

Blake Lively On Her Plastic Surgery Procedures

Blake Lively Pictures You don’t have to look meticulously on the changes because the Blake Lively before and after plastic surgery is quite visible for ordinary human. It does not take an expert to find out whether she had gone under the knife or not. Looking closer to her before after pics, you will notice several differences on her face. Yes, she is a lovely girl but of course there is that particular flaw that you will see.

  • Nose job

The nose job has got her a pointy tip

  • Breast augmentation

She increases her boob size a notch and that cleavage is the proof.

Blake Lively PhotosIf you look at Blake Lively before plastic surgery photos, she has a completely different nose frame. It is slimmer and pointier. The nose is a bit narrow and it changes the way she look. On her chest, she has fuller breasts after the implants went well. she has that sexy lady size with the surgery procedure. it means that Blake Lively boob job was a successful act because she managed to keep the size normal. The shape is also perfect for her. That definitely gains her confidence.

Blake Lively – The Lady Of Confident And Attractive

Her nose fits better today. The changes look perfect on her. Of course, critics arise because people felt sorry that she needs to change her flawless look under the knife. It is not like she is not beautiful but people think it is not necessary. But the confident lady kept doing what she did and it went successful. She has not have that extensive changes on her face but slightly different from it used to. She used to have small size breasts but then she picked the right way to have that surgery.

It is not oversized and the breast implants went successful. The young woman has the procedure going pretty well indeed. She also reshapes the boobs and make it rounder and fuller.

So this is the case of successful breast implants. You can also look at Megan Fox with her implants and lip surgery. It makes her look even sexier than before. She is young and she decided to get that cosmetic surgery to make that imperfection looks incredibly perfect. Blake’s good posture supports her in getting better figure. As always, she shows up with the best dresses whenever she appears. She is one of the success examples of plastic surgery. She looks even cuter on the camera today. Some of her colleagues may have done it first but she did it better than Nicky Minaj.

blake lively MeasurementsThat plastic surgery she did was simple and attractive. She seems to gain much more self esteem after the procedure. What do you think? She does look better, right?