Billie Piper Plastic Surgery

Billie Piper Plastic Surgery Before and After
Billie Piper Plastic Surgery – The Famous Singer And The Tale Of Her Cosmetic Surgery

The award winning singer is reputed for having carried out plastic surgery a number of times just to appear prettier. This has been the story making rounds in the celebrity world. The Billie Piper plastic surgery appears to attract attention because the singer is still a young celebrity. Plastic surgeries are mainly carried out by older ladies who still desire to look young. One may wonder why Billie Piper still went through cosmetic surgery despite the fact of her youthfulness.

Did Billie Piper Truly Have Plastic Surgery?

Many of her fans are still wondering whether she actually did plastic surgery or not. Well, there are evidences pointing to the fact. Just like Ally Walker and Big Ang, Billie Piper actually went through plastic surgery at some point in her career life.  She started by whitening her teeth. She also augmented her lips. Nobody actually knows how the lip augmentation was done. However, one can notice the truth about her plastic surgery condition when looking at her recent photos and the latest roles she had performed.

Billie Piper Pictures

The Ugly Aspect Of Billie Piper Plastic Surgery

Indeed, evidence reveals that Billie Piper plastic surgery has some issues. Actually, Billie Pipers lips augmentation looks somehow when examined critically. Her lips now appear weird. They don’t look natural anymore. Hence from every indication the plastic surgery didn’t go down well with the lady. Her lips are totally disfigured as a result of the knife job.  Some people are of the view that a lip injection should have been better for her.  Right now, she appears awkward and strange when you take a look at her recent pictures.

Billie Piper Photos

Again, the change on her teeth contributes to her current strange looks. Her whitened teeth are overlarge. They are not consistent with her mount and entire face.

The Current State Of Billie Piper Plastic Surgery

Most celebrities that go through lip augmentation do so in order to enhance the appearance of their lips. In her case, Billie Piper tried to look prettier but she ended up in mess. Most of her fans still believe she appeared more beautiful before the plastic surgery process.

In any case, the truth is that, the lip augmentation was not properly done. The ingredient used made the matter worse.  The famous singer has to battle with the risk associated with the plastic surgery process.

In all, Billie Piper is still waxing strong despite the present condition of her plastic surgery condition. She’s not oblivious of the gossips and rumors going on about the issue. After all, she did it with her money. So far, Billie Piper plastic surgery remains a very controversial topic among celebrity gossipers. The famous singer is still pushing on with her career despite what the fans are saying about her plastic surgery issue.