Bill Simmons Net Worth

Bill Simmons Net Worth
How much is Bill Simmons worth:

  • Full Name: William J. Simmons
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Sports commentator, author, analyst, podcaster, reporter
  • Marital Status: Married to Kari Crichton
  • Ethnicity: White

Bill Simmons Net Worth – How Much Is The Sports Commentator Worth?

Bill Simmons net worth is stated to be around 15 million dollars. He has gained much of his wealth as a sports analyst but he is also an author, podcaster and reporter. Today, he writes for the and he is their podcaster.  The website works closely with ESPN. Before he was granted this position, he was serving at the ESPN The Magazine and Jimmy Kimmel Live. These are some of the things, which have boosted his net worth to the aforementioned tremendous figure. How did Bill get to where he is today, financially?

Bill Simmons Successful Career Life Account

In the sports industry where he is known for his prowess in analyzing matches, he is a household name. He is even dubbed as  The Boston Sports Guy whereas others call him the Sports Guy.  He first netted the attention of the public after he established his own website named, no wonder his nickname.  In 2001, he was lucky to be hired by ESPN, a position that really increased his net worth.

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As he worked here, he also worked in a show of his own, which was called “The B.S. Report”. Bill Simmons was so energetic that he was also able to add other projects to his already full basket including the documentary by the ESPN , which was titled “30 for 30”. In addition, he is also a co-founder of yet another show named “E: 60”, which is hosted by Tom Farrey and Rachel Nichols. The earnings from all these involvements have boosted his net worth tremendously.

Besides being an analyst of sports and running two shows, he is also an author. To date, he has two books under his belt.  In 2011, he began an online magazine, which he named It is one website, which pools readers from all corners of the world. For those who have read some of his articles on sports, they really appreciate his style of writing. Even those people, who find sports rather boring, they find his writings interesting. He is said to blend sports with the usual culture, making it fun to read. He has also created a number of internet memes, among them the Ewing Theory and Manning Face.

In 2007, Bill Simmons got the most coveted ranking, when he was rated position 12 among the most influential persons in the online sports.  The report was prepared and released by the Sports Business Journal. This recognition added more wealth to his name and it increased his popularity.

Bill Simmons’ Life Outside Sports Commentating

Bill is married to Kari Crichton and the couple has two kids. Bill Simmons wife is referred to as
“Sports Gal” in all his columns. He is also a fan of Boston teams such as Boston Red Sox among others.

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That is all that Bill Simmons is worth.