Betty White Net Worth

Betty White Net Worth
How much is
Betty White worth:

  • Full Name: Betty Marion White
  • Net Worth: $245 Million
  • Occupation: Actress, Comedian, Author, Producer, Radio Host, Singer and Television Personality
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Danish

Betty White Net Worth – The Life Of An Actress, Singer And TV Personality

She was named Betty Marion White who was then the only child of Christine Tess and Horace Logan White. Horace Mann School Beverly Hills was her stepping stone of everything, since it was where she developed her passion in performing, however, she didn’t start as a television star, but was found to be an employee of a radio company which didn’t matter at all since it led her to her success and earned a net worth of $245 million.

Betty’s Career

Like everyone else, Betty White started from scratch, considering the fact that she was a good performer, she still didn’t make it through the auditions. Despite of all the criticisms, Betty thought about finding a new job which didn’t require her to be photogenic, that was in a radio station. In 1939, couple of months after her high school graduation, she already started her career in television. Again, she struggled and faced too many circumstances upon the outbreak of the World War II. But Betty never gave up, because of her passion and hard work, she had her own radio show named The Betty White Show.

As years passed by, Betty never stopped working hard and in the 1940s she was able to host for Hollywood on Television. She was then nominated as a Best Actress, and all throughout the history of Emmy Awards, she was the first woman awardee ever. In 1955, White was awarded as the Mayor of Hollywood due to her contributions and as the first producer of sitcoms. For 75 years, White was consistently awarded with different titles.

White Advocacy

Betty White as a well-known television performs, also had passion with animals which led her to donate large amount of money in the Los Angeles Zoo and even became part of the board of directors later on. She also joined several organizations which made her the president of the Morris Animal Foundation.

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White’s Marriage

Betty White may have been successful with her career, but then she was not meant to have a successful marriage at the same time. She got married with Dick Barker in 1945 who was then working for the army at that time. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, their marriage didn’t have its happy ending.

Despite the failure of her first marriage, she still had a chance to meet another man who won her heart, who was Allen Ludden where she met in his own game show called Password. However, even though they were happy together, Ludden was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died on June 9, 1981.

Betty White Photos

That was the end of her story with love, she never had a chance of remarrying another man since she considered her last marriage as the best and can never be replaced by no body. She got preoccupied with her career and eventually did well even in the present. And even though she never had a chance to have her own child, she was still given a chance to be stepmother of three with her first marriage, and that she cherished and tried to be a good mother.