Barbra Streisand Net Worth

Barbra Streisand Net Worth
How much is
Barbra Streisand worth:

  • Full Name: Barbara Joan Streisand
  • Net Worth: $340 Million
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Barbra Streisand Net Worth – The Life Of A Famous Diva

Barbra Streisand’s Childhood

She was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York on April 24, 1942. After her father’s death, she was raised by her mother. She also has an older brother, Sheldon. As a child, they lived on a brink of poverty. She had a tough childhood; other kids often rejected her due to her unusual appearance.

After her mother got remarried, her stepfather emotionally abused her. Barbra didn’t have any support from her mother. As a child, she sang in a choir at Bais Yakov School. After she finished her elementary school, she was a student at Erasmus Hall High School, where she met Neil Diamond.

Barbra Streisand And The Beginning Of Her Career

Barbra Streisand never went to college. In 1960, she moved to New York City just a few months after she graduated high school to pursue her career. She took acting classes while working her day job. As a child, she was very shy and that became a problem in her music career. She was pushed by her friends to participate in a night talent show where she gave a great performance. Even though she was a great singer, she always had a stage fright. She is infamous for not having a live performance for a long time. Her major debut was in Broadway show, I can get it For You Wholesale in 1962.

Barbra Streisand Pictures

Barbra received a Tony nomination for her performance. She released her first album, The Barbra Streisand Album in 1963. That album won two Grammy Awards and it was claimed as album of the year. She changed her first name by removing letter A as she said she hated her first name, but didn’t want to change it, but make it more unique. She published many successful albums and hit singles in a row, making her one of the most successful singers in the world.

Television And Movie Star

Streisand’s first movie was My Name Is Barbra. After the huge success, the movie had with winning five Emmy Awards she got a ten – year contract to act in more shows with a full control that she could have. She acted in a few movies, Funny Lady (1975), A Star Is Born (1976), and The Main Event (1979).

Barbra’s Private Life

She was married twice. With her first husband Elliot Gould (21 March 1963 – 9 July 1971) she has a son. Her second husband is James Brolin. She married him on 1st July, 1998. Their marriage still lasts. They have no kids. Her legacy is that she sold more than 70 million records worldwide and received two Oscar Awards, one Tony Award, five Emmys, 10 Grammys, a CableAce Award, 10 Golden Globes, the US Film Institute’s Life time Achievement Award and the University of Georgia’s G. Foster Peabody Award.

Barbra Streisand’s Involvement In Charity

Streisand’s tour, The Concert, generated over $10 million for charities (AIDS organizations, Jewish/Arab relations, women and children in jeopardy). In 2000, she recorded album Timeless: Live in Concert and released on CD and DVD. 2001, she recorded her new album Christmas Memories.

Latest Work Of Barbra Streisand

She released two new albums, one in 2009, called Love Is the Answer, and the second one in 2011, and called What Matters Most. Her latest album called Partners released in 2015 has been nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album the same as the previous two.

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