Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

axl rose Plastic Surgery Before and After
Axl Rose Plastic Surgery – One Of Rare Male Rock Stars Who Has Chosen Plastic Surgery To Remain Looking Young


Axl Rose Plastic Surgery – Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Axl Rose Pictures It is no wonder that Axl Rose has chosen at the one point in his life to improve his looks surgically. There were other male celebrities who have chosen to improve their look, to maintain looking youthful and fresh, thanks to the help of plastic surgery. Although it is more often that female celebrities choose cosmetic surgery to maintain looking young, we have seen more than few male stars who have had botox injections or/and fillers, as well as chemical peeling to look younger than their actual age. After all, it is almost mandatory to look young and fresh in Hollywood, so everybody do their best to improve their looks with wide array of cosmetic interventions at their hand in this golden arena of fame and money. There are: botox, chemical peeling, face-lifting, fillers, etc.

Analyzing Axl’s before and after plastic surgery photos, we can say that he has probably decided to try out all the surgeries and all options to look younger, just in case. We can also note that this was not a good choice. It is always good to address a first-class surgeon and to choose carefully appropriate procedure and go ahead step by step. It seems that celebrities also make a mistake of trying to improve first bad surgeries with following ones: and it rarely does them any good! In the case of Axl Rose, no surgery did improve his looks, quite on contrary: it seems that surgical interventions have just brought to surface all the damage that his rocker lifestyle has done to his body and health.

Axl Rose Has Had Quite A Few Of Cosmetic Interventions

Axl Rose Photos If we choose to speak about actual interventions, we would say that Axl Rose has had:

  • face-lifting and
  • botox, plus some
  • chemical peeling to freshen up and improve visual appearance of his facial skin.

We believe that in his case chemical peeling is to blame for red skin on his face we have observed on some recent photos.

With all this in mind and when we look at Axl Rose recent photos, it is obvious that his look is a result of plastic surgery gone wrong. Axl looks red and almost burned, his facial expression is barely existant, he looks very unatural and strange. It would have been so much better if he has enabled himself to age gracefully and carelessly just as he has lived his entire life, wouldn’t it? Now, what are your thoughts on this disgraceful attempt to stop aging process, or even better, to reverse it?!

Can We Agree That Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Didn’t Change His Look For Better, But For Worse?

Axl Rose Photos Axl Rose was a famous rocker in the 1980s and at the beginning of 1990s. He has lead wild lifestyle with concerts, tours, music hits, groupies, drugs and alcohol. He was a controversial personality and it was no secret that he lives every day to the fullest. It is no wonder that his looks has deteriorated rapidly, probably even faster than it would have happened otherwise if he has led his life normally. Now, what is strange is his desire to try to improve his look surgically when he has been so nonchalant previously.

Thanks to this desire, and his obviously bad choice of surgeons, he has changed for worse and looks not just old, but also expressionless. Axl rose plastic surgery before and after photos show us that his change of looks was for worse and that his present and past looks are very different; Axl looks unnatural, his facial expression is stiff and frozen, and it is obvious that he has continued line of bad choices from his rocker years.

axl rose MeasurementsJust like Axl Rose, there are other male celebrities who have chosen path of plastic surgery to try to look better ad younger-and didn’t succeed in it. There are such examples as Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke, who have had surgeries and badly ruined their faces with it.