Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth
How much is Arnold Schwarzenegger worth:

  • Full Name: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Net Worth: $300 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, professional body builder, politician, model
  • Marital Status: Married to Maria Shriver
  • Ethnicity: White

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth – How Much Is The Reputed Professional Body Builder

Arnold Schwarzenegger net worth is a rough estimate of $300 million. This he has gathered from his achievements as an actor, model, body builder, politician and an entrepreneur.  His net worth is a conglomerate of accomplishments that he has made all through his life. That is why; it will be hard to tell of his worth, if you do not look at his life. Let’s see where he started and where he is today.

Arnold Earlier Years   

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pictures Arnold has Austrian and American roots. Born in 1947, he is one man, who has triumphed against all odds. He was born to a father, who was a local police chief and a homemaker mother. His career started early in his teenage years. This is when his local football coach to the gym introduced him, when he was just 13 years. It is from the experience that he started his bodybuilding career.

His father wanted Arnold to fall his dream career of becoming a police officer. On the other hand, the mother had a different wish for his son. She really wanted him to be in a trade school. However, Schwarzenegger knew that his future lied somewhere outside Austria.  It is during this period of soul searching that Arnold heard about some winners who had succeeded in Mr. Universe competition and how they were making it in Hollywood. This made young Arnold, to seek a career on bodybuilding. He aimed at being the most famous professional body builder across the globe.

He intensified his time in the gym. If he were not in the fitness center, he would be glaring on other body builders on the screen. His determination finally bore fruit and in 1965, he secured the title of Mr. Europe Contest.  When he was just 20 years in 1967, he won Mr. Universe. This made him the youngest person to win the title. He later won the title for three more times. Even if he was busy with his modeling and bodybuilding career, he also attended business school in his part time.

His Successes

Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos In 1968, the 21-year old professional body builder, moved to America. By then, he had saved about $27000, from the competitions he won. This was a lot of money then.  When he was fully grounded in Hollywood, he started investing in real estate. He began by buying a plot of land in Palmdale. There were rumors that this would become the site for a supersonic airport.  However, this investment did not go as per his plans, but it did not discourage him.  Using the rest of his funds and a loan from his Gold’s Gym trainer in Venice, he bought an apartment building. The price retailed for $214000 and later he sold it for $360000.

He traded his first apartment for a 12-unit building all the way to a 100-unit. Any time he would sell a building, he could put the money in other investments to cut on taxes and to compound his future return. His fast growth in real estate made him a millionaire, when he was just 25. All this success came before he took roles in acting. It even made him to be choosy when he was taking roles in different films.

He was given the title of Mr. Olympia, in 1970. He acquired the award more times later in his career. It is after this award that he got an opportunity to act in “Hercules in New York”. His popularity shot, after the release of “Pumping Iron” documentary. He has also acted in other films including the Terminator and Twins.  In a certain interview done in 2014, Arnold confessed that he had won more on the Twins than he has from all the movies he has acted in, throughout his life.

Besides his achievements in modeling and acting, he has been an active politician of the Republican Party. He attended the National Republican Convention in 2004, where he delivered a speech on why he is a republican. Earlier in 2003, to everybody’s surprise, he revealed that he would be vying of the Governor of California, in the coming elections. Fortunately, he won the seat and served from 2003 to 2011.

Arnold is broad faceted and he is a family man. Arnold Schwarzenegger wife is Maria Shriver and the two has been together since they married in 1986. Arnold Schwarzenegger children are five and all grown up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Work Out

Professional body builders as well as those training for pleasure have used Arnold workout routine. Using the program, he has been able to achieve a super body, which has made women go crazy over the years. He is said to use a high volume and high frequency strategy. Actually, he trains, his main muscle group about two to three times on a weekly basis.Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos

Arnold Schwarzenegger net worth can only get better. The all-time body builder has several investments under his belt, to maintain his wealth base.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Body Statistics Measurements

Arnold Schwarzenegger Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: Not available
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 113kg
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Blue